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What’s Your Most Important School Supply?

School supplies are absolutely essential to school, no surprise. But I was curious as to what the people of HHS value as their most important item.

(A lot of people answered “pens.”)

Senior Amy Leonard said her lunchbox gets her through many long days at school. “I get hungry, so I pack it with snacks,” she said. “I always got my snacks on standby in case of emergency.”

A cell phone “for cheating” is essential to Steven Cockey, a senior. “Just kidding,” he added. “I would never do that . . .”

Fellow senior Chris Casper gave a more serious reply: “Pen and paper just in case I need to jot some important notes down for a teacher.”

Junior Sammi Olsen said paperclips are her most valuable school supply. “I can bend them and make shapes and stuff and I like that.”

Taylah Olsen, a sophomore, was emphatic in her answer.  “Notebook paper,” she said. “NOTEBOOK PAPER!”

A stapler was the choice of junior Jess Gardener. “Nothing is more relieving than finishing a paper, and stapling it. It’s such a relieving experience,” she said.

Such a variety of items. I am so blown away honestly ,wow. Like, this is incredible. So intriguing. Personally, my favorite school supply is anything I can hit my head off of, but that’s just me.


New Year, New Resolutions to Make and Break

“New Year, new me, chapter one of three-sixty.”

                                                                                                    — People I hate

Yeah, it’s the new year, woo. Well it’s the same life so I never really got why it’s such a big deal. But the new year is such a super serious deal to people beside me so maybe I’m wrong (I’m not, btw). I was curious as to what the inhabitants of Paquette village had for new year’s resolutions. As instructed by lord Paquette himself, I spread his will to all fortunate enough to cross my righteous path. May Paquette’s light shine upon us all.

Fresh meat Paul McCabe’s resolution is to become a superior hockey player. Sophomore Lauren Galotti and senior McGlame want to eat healthier (basiiiiiiiiic). Freshyfrosh Billy Porter wants to do better in school. (Good thinking Bill, I hope you do it and don’t become me who’ll be saying that at graduation.)

Sophomore crip leader Bradley Rogers’ resolution is to walk. (Awww Brad, that’s not gonna happen champ, but keep dreaming!) Sophomore Will Folan wants to talk to more people. Good plan but some people kinda suck soooo . . .

Senior Hannah Mischler had the only semi-deep resolution of the bunch, saying she wants to treat others how she wants to be treated. Unfortunately, I had to ask Senior (I think?) Breanna Harris her resolution. It was as follows: “To look less rachet, @Tpoww.” After cleaning the blood from my ears off the floor, I walked away a different man.

As for myself, I have no resolution considering I am the perfect organism.  My DNA is incorruptible.

Holiday Celebrations: Eggnog, Family and . . . Swimsuit Models?!

Guys, it’s the holidays, that’s awesome. The holidays are so sick, like . . . aw yeeahhh. Turns out people have more traditions for this season than I do. Mine generally include an eggnog-induced brawl between family members that shatters at least four items of glassware. So as usual I used my impeccable charm (threatening and blackmailing) to get some holiday traditions out of my fellow students.

Senior senora Amy Leonard told me that her family goes to church on Christmas Eve and then watches Mr. Magoo’s Christmas special. “When I was little, I’d look out the window and try to find Santa,” she added (my  black heart melted at that little tidbit).

Senior Dillon Russell, aka “the muscles from russells,” said his family goes to his aunt’s house. “We do a Yankee swap, and we feast on some ham or turkey,” he said.

Kylee Sweeney, a sophomore, has a special tradition with her sister. “I open one present the night before Christmas and me and my sister wear matching pajamas,” she said.

Freshman Luke Smigliani spends time with his family while putting up the tree and putting the ornaments on it. Herik DaCosta, another freshman, gathers with family, has a Yankee swap and opens one present exclusively at dawn.

I’ve saved the best holiday tradition for last.  Sophomore slayer Matt O’Sullivan, also know as “The one who has risen,” was kind enough to let me hear his velvety voice speak these exact words which I’m about to tell you:

“I go out into the wilderness. I find and kill the leader of a wild wolf pack. I skin said wolf and make a coat out of him. I then return to my log cabin, stoke the fire and proceed to lounge in my fine Italian leather chair. The beautiful swimsuit models that don’t seem to leave my side put in a copy of Elf on Blu-ray and I let the night happen.”

What Are You Most Thankful For?

Question: What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?


Ally Knight

I’m most thankful I can help those unfortunate and in need around this time, with clothes and food drive going on


Brennan Taylor

I’m thankful for my family and their health.


Sarah Ryan

I’m thankful for the sense of community in HHS this school year.


Annika Rowland

My family’s support in all of my endeavors.


Danielle Shaw

Rotary club being able to help out families in need.


Colleen Dowd

I’m thankful for my horse, Vegas.



Question: What Are You Excited For This Winter Season?


Lauren Murphy, junior

“I can’t wait for winter. I love snow, ice skating, and gingerbread cookies. Every year my family puts out a skating rink in our front yard for us to use with friends and family. I’m excited to wear beanies and also buy a Christmas tree this year. Around Christmas time, I’ll be happy and I love presents and gift giving. I’m pretty stoked for winter, you could say.”


Bryan Connors, senior

“All the snow that we are supposed to be getting this winter. We can really never have enough of it.”


Gina Carbone, senior

“I’m excited to go sledding, definitely drink hot chocolate, and see my family over the holidays. Also, to remove my limbs because of frostbite!”


Audrey Simon, freshman

“I am definitely most excited for snuggies and pajamas, all the snow, lights, going skiing, seeing my different family members, and watching Elf.”


Olivia Rolnik, junior

“This winter and over christmas break, I’m most excited to spend time with my family and decorate for the holidays.”

Question: What would you do if you only had 24 hours to live?

street4Emma Hardy, Grade 11

“Oh god! Well first I would not be in school, then I’d have a huge ripper with family, friends, and cake. Then I’d go skydiving.”


street3Sophie Morrill, Grade 12

“I’d go back to Paris with like 10 people, chow down on some Nutella crepes and have a boat ride on the Seine.”


street2Izzy Dares and Olivia Cyrus, Grade 10

Izzy: “I’d pour a full water bottle down the third floor steps. I’ve always wanted to do that.”

Olivia: “While shouting YEET.”


street1Cameron Connor, Grade 9

“I’d buy a sneaker collection store, then go to Florida.”

Question: Did you go to Homecoming? Should there be more dances?


Emily Hennessy, junior

Yes, I went to homecoming. I am a part of student council and we work on those types of things, like dances and what not, and it would definitely be a cool idea to have more dances at our school, and I think many people would like to have more too.


Lauren Murray, senior

I went to homecoming and I’ve been to prom as a junior, but even now as a senior it would be a lot of fun for our school to put on more dances for sure. I would definitely attend.


Lauren Bilton, sophomore

Yes, I went and it was my first one! Our school should definitely take into consideration possibly having more dances. I feel like a lot of people would be interested and want to go.


Stephen Pallotta, senior

I did go to homecoming and it is my last one as a senior! It would be really fun if our school tried to have another dance in the future.


Bridget O’Leary, sophomore

I went to homecoming this year and it was fun. Hanover High should look into doing more dances or think about it.

Question: What Time Do You Get To Bed?

none needed

Jared Schneider, Sophomore

I usually go to bed, most of the time, around 10:30. Sometimes, closer to 11:00, and the latest I have ever is probably around 4:00 am. I’m a pro at answering this.


Abby Lyons, junior

So mostly on school nights, I go to bed at like 11:00, usually. Although, the latest ever was 4 am, haha. Actually though, for school nights, I would have to say 11:30 because of music!


Jamie Knight, sophomore:

Hmmmm, interesting question. Probably around 11:30 I would say, and the latest ever would be closer to 3 am. That’s pretty late for me.


Jason Gallagher, senior

Okay, so the latest I have ever gone to bed on a school night, that is, is 3:45 am. Typically though I usually go to bed around 12:30. (Jason often finds a way to spend a great deal of his nights playing different computer and video games).


Danielle Shaw, sophomore

So, I usually go to bed anywhere from 10:30 to 11:00,  depending if I have skating or not. Also, it depends on the amount of homework I have to do that night. The latest I have ever gone to bed is probably around 1:30, because of group chats!

What’s The Weirdest Phrase Said at Our School?


Morgan Lundin, freshman

“Personally, I think the weirdest saying is ‘yeet.’ A common phrase said in the class of 2018, this is so weird because so many people say it, and to so many people it has different meanings and uses. No one really knows what it means because of that, which makes it really weird.”


Danny Jillett, sophomore

“I think that the weirdest thing people say is ‘I feel harmed.’ It’s honestly pretty weird to say because it doesn’t even come out right or sound correct when someone says it, no one actually knows what that even really means.”


Nicole Zaccardi, junior

“In my opinion, probably the weirdest or strangest things people say is something like ‘broski.’ I don’t get why it is said, or what it even actually means. To me, it legit makes no sense.”


Elisa Sandonato, senior

“I think that the weirdest thing people say is the word ‘bae!’ For example, like how people call each other it, considering that everyone calls everyone by the term ‘bae.’ I shouldn’t even be talking because I probably got called that and called four people that today!”


Sammi Ohlson, junior

“To me, I think ‘swag’ is so weird. So many people say it in such strange places and ways of saying it, even me sometimes, and so many of my friends. Often times the context it is used in doesn’t make sense! I still find it really funny though, it’s pretty amusing to hear people say it they way they do, so I guess I like it.”


How Do You Want Your Parents to Handle Bad Grade?

Question: How would you want your parents to react to a bad grade/report card?


Julianna Alicea, ’17: I want them to not yell at me, which usually happens. Personally, I would prefer if they actually didn’t even look at it at all! That would be much better.


Victoria Radin, ’17: I want them to know that I tried my best! I also never like it when people get mad or angry with me, so I prefer that I wouldn’t be yelled at either.


Colleen Dowd, ’16: If I got a bad grade, I wouldn’t want my parents to freak out at me right away. I hope that they would understand and especially give me a chance to redeem myself. Students get stressed out enough and I would rather avoid more stress altogether. Anyways, “yolo” is what I really think.


Joe MacDonald, ’15: If I got a bad grade, I know my parents would take away my phone and electronics, which I hate! This would make me sad, and is my motivation sometimes to not get bad grades. This always happens to me.


Lauren Gelly, ’18: I would want my parents to handle my bad grade, or report card, by making me stay after and trying to realize what I’m doing wrong, and hopefully learn from my mistakes. I would be the one mad about it because it doesn’t affect their future, it affects mine! It affects me and my future for college, it is my responsibility.