Elementary School Switch-Up: Explained

By Kristen Plahn and Chris Acampora

Fun Fact: Sylvester School opened as a high school in 1927. It next became a junior high school, then a middle school for grades 5 and 6. The building then housed fourth graders and half of the fifth grade, before finally becoming what we have now: a school for third and fourth graders. With Center School teaching k-2 and Cedar School set up as k-4, Sylvester completed Hanover’s elementary school system.

With the aging Sylvester School becoming unfit for students, school officials had a tough decision in front of them: how to reorganize the elementary schools to best meet the needs of students. In late October, Hanover Superintendent of Schools Matt Ferron announced the new plan. In an email to parents, Mr. Ferron explained that for the next few years Center School will house grades 2-4 for the entire town while also undergoing renovations. Pre-K through first grade will be moved to Cedar.

The biggest question raised by this email is the future of the Sylvester School. “We will be working as a community in the future to determine a repurposing plan for this historic building,” said Ferron.

The switch between schools might seem complicated now, but it will benefit all parts of Hanover in the years to come.


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