20 Moments From An Election We’ll Never Forget

This year’s presidential election has been one of the nastiest ever. What was once a comparison of candidates based on policies has turned into a mud-slinging bully session. Candidates are roasting other candidates. But the people who are really getting burned are the American people,  left to pick between “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and “Loose Cannon” Donald Trump. While you may not have decided who you’re rooting for in this election, here are 20 things about the campaign that you’ll never forget.

1. Trump calls Jeb Bush “low energy”

Donald Trump started to be grab attention with outrageous comments at the Republican primary debates. His first famous comment was calling Jeb Bush “low energy.” This started the downfall of Bush’s campaign. Many people thought he was certain to get the Republican nomination, but that all started to unravel when Trump went on the attack.

2. Trump’s “robot impression”

Early in the campaign, Trump got a lot of attention for, well, just being weird. (Who even says ‘China’ like that anyway?). He got a lot of attention for his, apparent, robot impression. “You know what that is, right?” I don’t think anyone knew what that was. (See also: the many remixes of ‘bing bong’).

3. Marco Rubio is Dubbed “Little Marco”

Trump made up names for many of his opponents in the Republican primaries. “Little Marco” was his best work. The feud between the two later degenerating into a debate about “hand size.”  Trump’s attacks were said by many to be responsible for eliminating Rubio, Bush and eventually, “Lyin’” Ted Cruz.

4. Bernie Releases His First Ad

Something positive in the election had finally happened. Bernie Sanders aired his first commercial. For once, a political ad didn’t attack someone and try to use scare tactics. It had good values and just showed, well, America. Whether you liked Bernie Sanders or not, it’s hard to deny that this was definitely a feel-good kind of commercial.

5. Clinton Takes A Bathroom Break Mid-Debate

Defiantly proving she is just like the rest of us, Hillary made a dash for the bathroom during the commercial break of one debate against Bernie Sanders (and Martin O’Malley, but he didn’t get to say much). She didn’t make it back until after the show resumed. Luckily someone who was actually on the stage was asked the next question.

6. Jeb Bush Begs People to Clap

After Trump humiliated Bush at the Republican primary debates, Bush’s campaign was over. He definitely didn’t go out with a bang, begging his audience to clap for him at one of his campaign rallies. How sad. Just look at the audience’s faces.

7. Bernie is Tired of Hillary’s “Damn Emails”

Bernie and Hillary could both agree on one thing. They had heard enough about Clinton’s emails. Hillary seemed very glad to see someone move on from the touchy subject. Although with the recent scandal just a days before the polls open, Bernie may have spoken too soon.

8. Trump Offers to Pay Legal Bills of People Who Take Out Rioters at His Rallies

After multiple incidents of violence at Trump events, the candidate told his supporters to “knock the crap” out of  protesters interrupting the rally. He even promised to pay their legal fees if there was any trouble, something which he later denied saying. Since then, it has been found that some protesters were paid by Hillary’s campaign disrupt the rallies.

9. Clinton Gets Pneumonia

After people started to wonder about both candidate’s health, Hillary was seen being carried into a van after leaving a 9/11 memorial. This only fueled the fire of critics who argued she was in poor health. A conspiracy theory that Clinton had seizures began to take hold. The theory, obviously, has never been proven correct.

10. Hispanic Woman Loves Trump

After Trump was repeatedly criticized for discriminating against Hispanics, this woman was called to stage at one of his rallies. Unfortunately for Trump, this woman who shows her love for the candidate seems to be a rare find . . . and actually comes off a little creepy.

11. Melania’s Familiar Speech

At the Republican National Convention, Trump’s wife Melania gave a speech that sounded a little too similar to one Michelle Obama had made eight years earlier. The speech was not plagiarized, but written by the same writer, who felt very badly about the incident and apologized.

12. Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorables”

At a campaign event, Hillary  said that Trump’s supporters could be put “in a basket of deplorables.” The comment sparked outrage from Trump’s camp. I won’t say any more, as I’m sure most people have heard it played a thousand times.

13. Trump Threatens to Put Clinton in Jail

Trump completely lost it at the second presidential debate, saying that when he is elected president, he would investigate Hillary’s emails to determine whether she should be in jail. This was definitely the most shocking moment of the debate.

14. Ken Bone is the Debate Hero America Needs

Ken Bone won his fame for seemingly no reason, with a question in the town hall-style debate about energy policy. The debate was hardly taken seriously, as the second most talked about moment was the fly that kept landing on Clinton’s face.

15. Singing Makes Everything Better

To distract people from the two horrible choices they had for president after the second debate, an Internet user created a hilarious lip sync of the two candidates. While they might have been having the “the time of their lives,” America was biting its nails trying to decide between the lesser of two evils.

16. Hillary is Very Proud of Herself for Saying “Trumped Up Trickle Down”

When comparing policies at the first presidential debate, Clinton seemed very proud of herself for coming up with the idea that Trump’s economic plan would be a “trumped-up trickle down.” Just the smile on her face when nobody was laughing was awkward enough. When she later repeated the term at the third debate, there was still no reaction from the audience. Oh well, Hillary, I guess you can’t land them all.

17. Trump warns Americans of the possible 400 pound man hacking our government

When talking about a Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign emails, Trump told people he had no idea where the attack originated from. Countering the Democrats’ theory that the Russian government was behind the leak, Trump argued that, for all he knows, it could have been done by a 400 pound man hacking the government from his bed. Odd choice of words.

18. Trump at the Third Debate

Trump had a crazy third debate. He left the American people in suspense about whether he would accept the results if he lost the election, called Hillary a “nasty woman,” and warned the American people there are “bad hombres” coming over the border. He had sad himself earlier, “the shackles are off.”

19. Ted Cruz’s “Hotline Bling”


After Ted Cruz lost the Republican nomination, he eventually, reluctantly, supported Trump (after telling voters to ‘vote their conscience’). Here he can be seen campaigning for Trump, but very depressed.

20. Hilarity Ensues at Charity Dinner

At the Al Smith Charity Dinner, Trump and Clinton seemed to get along great, both of them poking fun at the other. It was nice to get a break from the usual cut-throat attitude that has characterized the rest of the race. It was definitely a great way to end the election as it will probably be the last time they are seen together in public.

The positive thing is the election is almost over. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Luckily, Hanover High School has the day off so we can all mourn the fate of the country no matter who wins.

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