Food Fight Disrupts Cafeteria

By Mackenzie Welch

What started out as a typical snack period turned into chaos November 7 when the cafeteria erupted in a food fight. Juniors and seniors were sitting in the cafeteria, calmly enjoying their snacks when the first milk carton was thrown. Then other items followed including water bottles, cups of coffee and food. Students shouted as they evacuated the premises.  Teachers and faculty were flowing out of their rooms trying to figure out what was wrong. Mr. Paquette and other teachers quickly took charge, directing students still in the cafeteria to clean up the mess with rolls of paper towels and buckets and mops. Administrators reviewed surveillance tapes and several students were disciplined for their participation in the melee.

I myself was in the entrance hallway when it all occurred and was absolutely terrified I was going to be trampled. The main reason this event appeared to happen was because students noticed no teachers were watching them. Dr. Raab said steps have been taken to ensure that, in the future, there will always be supervision during snack.

Photo by Matt Jillett

The aftermath of the food fight (Photo from library)

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