Ms. Bertelli has Music (and a Love of Comics) in her Heart

Kate Bertelli, the vibrant music teacher, has always had music on her mind. It’s been quite the passion of hers, due to the “awesome educators and role models” she’s had over the years. With the encouragement of those instructors, and a little help from her mother as well, she found her way into teaching. But teaching wasn’t always her first priority.

 Ms. Bertelli had multiple “odd jobs” (even though they weren’t really all that odd) throughout her high school and college years before looking at an opportunity to teach middle school. She worked as a secretary in a law firm, waited tables, and plenty of other things having something to do with some form of leadership. When Ms. Bertelli found a teaching position, it was in East Bridgewater, where she spent three years before joining the HHS faculty in 2012.

 “I’ve met so many great students and parents while in Hanover,” Ms. Bertelli said. “I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know them, and be a part of their lives.”

Ms. Bertelli seems like a very busy woman, teaching music and leading Concert Chorus, VOX, Corporation, and Chorale — as well as meeting with the Friends of Hanover Music booster group. But this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have any sort of down time.

When Ms. Bertelli has that precious time to herself, she is usually exercising or reading. She’ll go out for a walk on the Cape Cod Canal. She also really likes to grill outside with her family. Her cooking will usually include some sort of “healthier alternative,” although there are only so many “healthy” options with nachos, brownies, et cetera. She’ll sit down to read either some blogs or Marvel comics. She’s quite the fan of the Marvel comics and movies, so she’s definitely excited to see “Captain America” in theatres (don’t give her any spoilers!).

 Ms. Bertelli doesn’t have any advice for the graduating senior class. However, she usually has a song or two up her sleeve. She says that “Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen)” (AKA: The Sunscreen Song) by Baz Luhrmann offers a lot of good advice. Enjoy it!

 If I have any advice for you, it’s that you need to join any music ensemble she runs. Ms. Bertelli is very optimistic and fun to work with, speaking from two years of experience with her. So, if you can sing, don’t be afraid. Just sign up for her classes, and have fun!


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