Young Softball Team Has Winning Season

Going into the spring it looked bleak. Losing seven out of nine starters to graduation in a game where experience is so important was not a good sign. With only three upperclassman remaining, it was their turn to provide some serious leadership to the mainly freshman and sophomore team. For the underclassman, myself included, it was our turn to prove something. We needed to prove that our work ethic and dedication could match the experience and age of the other teams in our league.

By attending  pre-season practices led by team captains Morgan Delaney and Angela Katsikis, it was hard to gage how our team was going to end up. With only three juniors and seniors to demonstrate how it’s done, the underclassmen approached the practices timidly. The team had great attendance and quickly understood the drills, yet anyone could see that something was missing. Whether it was not being used to each other, being cooped up inside in a long winter that bled into the spring, or just rustiness, we were missing the cohesiveness that we had last year.

However, this gap disappeared as soon as we stepped on the field for our first game. We went all the way to North Plymouth for opening
day. It was clear in this game that we were not just a “developing” team. We got hit after hit, including two homeruns from freshmen Lindsey North and Abby Harrison.

Our first game was a strong victory. We hit the ground running and didn’t stop for seven games straight. These wins included an extra inning win against Plymouth South, where Emma Hardy got the RBI single to put the game into the eight inning. Also, in a game against
Rockland, Morgan Delaney hit a triple to give Hanover the lead after being down in the fifth. In the same game Linnea Martin got two doubles.

The freshmen more than stepped up as the season progressed. Lindsey North hit so well, she was moved to the leadoff position and became a permanent starter at second base. Additionally, Alyssa Tofuri had several key hits, including a double against Hingham. Sophomores Emma Hardy, Caroline O’rourke, and Joy Replogle worked their way into the starting lineup and more than held their own. Upperclassmen Angela Katsikis, Stephanie Spitz and Morgan Delaney displayed their skill and leadership throughout the season.

Sadly, this glory did not last when we took our game to Silver Lake. Not only is this team a division above us, but they are probably ranked among the very best teams in the state. With a knockout pitcher-catcher combo and an incredible hitting team, they provided quite the match. To put it delicately, we lost. As the pitcher I am especially sorry to say we gave up nine runs. We scored no runs of our own.

After this, we carried on with a few successes, but played shakily. We even lost to Hingham, providing them with their only win of the season. Thankfully, we regained the luster we had prior to Silver Lake, with a win against North Quincy to enter the tournament. Sadly, we lost to Quincy’s superior pitching to miss the league championship by one game. The Quincy game was a sad way to end the season, but the season was a success overall.

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