Movie Riffing Club Makes Bad Films Fun

Movie Riffing Club is one of the many new student run clubs to grace the halls of Hanover High School this year. It meets Thursdays right after school in Rm. 222 and it is run by Junior Linnea Martin. At first, the concept might seem weird. Is a club dedicated to watching bad movies really a thing? I personally try to avoid bad movies and you probably do too. With that said, I can assure that this club is not as bad as the movies they watch. In fact, they make bad movies somewhat bearable.

Movie Riffing, for those like me who are uninitiated, is the art of sarcastically commentating on the quality of a movie. It was made popular by the long-running television series “Mystery Science Theater,” whose writers now run two different groups which riff on old sci fi as well as modern movies. Their work can be found at and, where they often re-release really bad movies with riffing commentary overlaid. As can be imagined, these “riffs” can be quite hilarious. The groups’ live shows are often broadcast in local theaters such as Showcase Cinema de Lux in Randolph. They have turned snarky commentary into an art form.

The HHS Club wants to do the same. Right now, the club is in its nascent stages of development and I strongly encourage anyone who is free on Thursdays to check it out. If you like movies, or you like making fun of bad movies, this club could be for you.


One thought on “Movie Riffing Club Makes Bad Films Fun”

  1. My husband and I love Mystery Science Theater and RiffTrax! He also loves straight-up B sci fi movies from the ’50s and ’60s. If the club ever wants suggestions on bad movies to watch, let me know. We have a large collection of the movies, with and without riffing commentary.


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