What’s The Weirdest Phrase Said at Our School?


Morgan Lundin, freshman

“Personally, I think the weirdest saying is ‘yeet.’ A common phrase said in the class of 2018, this is so weird because so many people say it, and to so many people it has different meanings and uses. No one really knows what it means because of that, which makes it really weird.”


Danny Jillett, sophomore

“I think that the weirdest thing people say is ‘I feel harmed.’ It’s honestly pretty weird to say because it doesn’t even come out right or sound correct when someone says it, no one actually knows what that even really means.”


Nicole Zaccardi, junior

“In my opinion, probably the weirdest or strangest things people say is something like ‘broski.’ I don’t get why it is said, or what it even actually means. To me, it legit makes no sense.”


Elisa Sandonato, senior

“I think that the weirdest thing people say is the word ‘bae!’ For example, like how people call each other it, considering that everyone calls everyone by the term ‘bae.’ I shouldn’t even be talking because I probably got called that and called four people that today!”


Sammi Ohlson, junior

“To me, I think ‘swag’ is so weird. So many people say it in such strange places and ways of saying it, even me sometimes, and so many of my friends. Often times the context it is used in doesn’t make sense! I still find it really funny though, it’s pretty amusing to hear people say it they way they do, so I guess I like it.”


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