Photo Gallery: A Show of Spirit!

By far, this was the best Spirit Week showing I have ever seen!  It was kicked off with ‘Merica Monday, where HHS students patriotically paraded around the hallways draped in American flags.  Personally, I expected to see most students wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt, but, as made clear in the pictures below, Hanover High went big. Next, pajama day was an obvious hit.  The dream of wearing PJs to school was finally realized.  Many got creative with the pajamas, wearing full onesies and giant slippers.  Third was Wacky Wednesday, but “wacky” seemed to be a bit of an understatement.  Although this seems to be an annual theme, the students were in no way tired of it and dressed weirder than anyone in their right mind could ever anticipate.  Thursday we got a chance to show off our Hanover pride. The hallways were decorated with the class themes: Founding Freshman, Selfie Sophomores, Juvie Juniors and Safari Seniors.  To be completely biased, the juniors’ pod was pretty excellent.  However, I think the Selfie Sophomores’ creativity, detail and makeshift photo booth impressed every class.  On Friday, every class wore its colors loud and proud. It was thrilling to see — and hear! — so much class spirit.

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