How to Have No Regrets: An HHS Bucket List

Every year at HHS, the halls are flooded with new faces, the innocent eyes of freshmen scanning the crowds of upperclassmen. When you’re catapulted into high school so suddenly, everything can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to pinpoint what new things you want to try or experience when so much is being quickly thrown at you. With high school comes endless new opportunities — new clubs to join, new events to attend, new groups to get involved with. Being a freshman, or rather, any high schooler, can be daunting when you consider how much goes on around you. You might be so enthusiastic about all of these potential opportunities that you’re afraid to miss out on something, and yet you also might be nervous to step out of your comfort zone and try something you never have before.

But on graduation day, when you step up to receive your diploma and take one last look back on your high school career, you want to be sure to have no regrets. I’ve compiled a list of experiences you definitely do NOT want to miss out on during high school. Whether you’re a freshmen, sophomore, junior, or even a senior, I hope you attempt to check off a few items on this high school bucket list before the bell rings on your final day and it’s too late.

1) Go to Homecoming!
Many people are intimidated by the idea of Homecoming; with hundreds of kids packed into a hot gym, it’s hard to know what to expect. But every high schooler needs to experience Homecoming at least once in their life, as sort of a rite of passage. As a freshman especially, students might be scared off by the prospects of dancing in a crowd of strangers. But I promise you, whether you attend Homecoming and hate it or whether you find that you love it, you won’t regret checking it out. Homecoming is a high school event that you can’t miss out on; even if you only go for one year, definitely try it out. If anything, do it just for the pictures!

Taking Wacky to New Levels

2) Dress up for Spirit Week!
In conjunction with homecoming, HHS initiates a Spirit Week every October where students dress up according to crazy themes. Every day brings a new theme and new possibilities! Spirit week is an amazing way to bring unity and spirit to the students, and don’t regret not participating. Be creative, be spirited, and definitely don’t miss out.

3) Go to prom!
Prom only comes once a year for juniors and seniors; don’t regret missing out on what many students consider to be the greatest night of their high school career. Tickets are expensive, this is true, but whether it be senior or junior prom, definitely attend at least one before you graduate. It’s always a memorable evening with friends, food, and dancing. It’s also a chance to get dressed up and take some amazing pictures that will last your lifetime!

4) Join a sports team!
vballThroughout the fall, winter, and spring, there are countless sports teams that are always looking for new athletes. There truly is opportunity for those of all athletic abilities — cross country and track are the easiest sports to join, and have the biggest group of students who participate each year. Most sports at HHS require you to try out before playing on the team, but tryouts can be a great way to meet friends who are interested in the same sport as you. Joining a sports team is an awesome way to get involved in something you enjoy, and is something that will leave lasting impressions on you.

5) Attend a student council meeting!
Student council may not be for everybody, but at least once throughout your four years at HHS you should try to make a meeting. Student council can have a huge impact on your future as a high schooler since the group plans so many school events (such as Homecoming and Spirit Week), and it can be very rewarding to have your voice heard at meetings. Not to mention that meetings, which are on evenings twice a month, are packed with fun and positive energy that gets everybody in a good mood!

6) Find a club that fits you!
If you’re looking for an easy way to make friends that have the same interests as you, definitely step up and join one of the countless clubs offered here at the high school. There is a club offered for a huge variety of interests, and if there isn’t, then why not make a club of your own?

7) Go to a football game!

Senior Fullback Steve Cockey picks up some yards after a reception
Senior Fullback Steve Cockey picks up some yards after a reception.

Attending home football games is an incredible way to join in on school spirit; what better way to spend a Friday night than cheering on your school’s football team surrounded by your classmates, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to the great music provided by the band? Every student should see the football team play at least once during high school. After all, it wouldn’t be a quintessential high school experience without Friday night football!

8) Buy class T-Shirts!
Every fall, classes work diligently to produce a creative class t-shirt sporting your class color and year of graduation. But there’s only one chance to buy them every year, and if you let that time pass without getting one, you’ll most likely regret it.

9) Get your art displayed!
High school wouldn’t be complete without taking an art class — and if you do take an art class, strive to get your art displayed in the art wing of the high school! Seeing your artwork displayed for the public’s viewing pleasure is something that can always brighten your day.

10) See the hypnotist!
Every year, the seniors hire a hypnotist to cast his spell over a selected group of seniors one evening in the spring. The night never fails to bring loads of laughs to the student body, and it’s a night that students of all ages should not miss out on. Better yet, if you’re a senior, sign up to be hypnotized! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get picked!

11) Eat lunch in the courtyard!
When the warm weather rolls around, the cafeteria doors are opened up at lunch and the sunny courtyard is opened up for students at lunchtime! Whether you bring or buy your lunch, don’t miss out on a chance to eat outside with your friends. It’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air in the middle of the day, and take advantage of this chance as many times as you can before it’s gone!

12) See the school play!
shakesFrom Romeo and Juliet to the Crucible, HHS has put on fantastic productions throughout the years. You definitely do not want to walk out of the doors on graduation day without seeing a drama production, especially when so many of the school’s students are so skilled when it comes to performing. If you are indeed one of these skilled performers, what are you waiting for? Audition for HHS’ next production before it’s too late!

13) Girls: Play in the Powderpuff game!
When you’re a junior, Thanksgiving always brings about the Powderpuff football game for girls. This is something you definitely want to take part in. Even if you may not be gifted athletically, join the team to help spread school spirit!

14) Participate in the senior Lip Dub!
Want to be remembered by all of the future students that make their way through Hanover high? Take part in the Lip Dub when you’re a senior! It’s a fun way to unite with your class before you graduate and make lasting memories that will live on forever — on Youtube and in your memories!

15) Buy a yearbook!
yearThis list would not be complete without the final thing to do before you put on your cap and gown: buy a yearbook! Without one, you won’t be able to cherish your high school memories or look back on all of the fun times and experiences you had throughout the past four years. High school may seem long at first, but without a doubt it flies by, and before you know it, all of the opportunities you had to make high school memorable will be gone. So take advantage of the time you can before it’s too late!

3 thoughts on “How to Have No Regrets: An HHS Bucket List”

  1. In fairness, I missed a LOT of this, haha, but I definitely am without regrets. If your high school experience is full, regardless of what activities made it full, then you won’t regret anything. I think this is a fantastic article though, it’ll hopefully inspire some people.


  2. I missed out on some of these things in high school, especially dances — I was never brave enough to dance in public back then! And I did regret making some of those memories. Luckily, I got the chance to make up for them in college. My senior ball was a great night.

    And I’m all for buying your yearbooks. They may be pricey, but at least get your senior book. They’re great to look back through 10 or 20 years later for the memories, as well as the laughable fashion and hairstyles!


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