Question: What Are You Excited For This Winter Season?


Lauren Murphy, junior

“I can’t wait for winter. I love snow, ice skating, and gingerbread cookies. Every year my family puts out a skating rink in our front yard for us to use with friends and family. I’m excited to wear beanies and also buy a Christmas tree this year. Around Christmas time, I’ll be happy and I love presents and gift giving. I’m pretty stoked for winter, you could say.”


Bryan Connors, senior

“All the snow that we are supposed to be getting this winter. We can really never have enough of it.”


Gina Carbone, senior

“I’m excited to go sledding, definitely drink hot chocolate, and see my family over the holidays. Also, to remove my limbs because of frostbite!”


Audrey Simon, freshman

“I am definitely most excited for snuggies and pajamas, all the snow, lights, going skiing, seeing my different family members, and watching Elf.”


Olivia Rolnik, junior

“This winter and over christmas break, I’m most excited to spend time with my family and decorate for the holidays.”

One thought on “Question: What Are You Excited For This Winter Season?”

  1. I hate the cold. I hate snow. I hate shoveling snow. I want to move to Florida. That’s what I think about during the winter. How many days until spring???


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