Final Fall Sports Recap: Flynn Qualifies for XC State Meet

Cross Country

XC had its sectional meet over the weekend. Everybody who participated ran their best. It was the final Cross Country meet for most of them.  Junior Steph Flynn was the only team member to qualify for states. Some boys ran well too. Alex O’Dowd, Tim Good, and Will Deboer made up their top three. O’Dowd ran a 19:04, Deboer a 18:52, and Good a 18:08.

Boys Soccer

The boys soccer team had their season cut shorter than they would have liked last week. Top seed Medway defeated them in Medway on a cold, rainy night. The score was 2-0 but it could have been a high scoring game. In the first half, Medway pounded on the Indians, who were down Jason Gallagher and Joe Maguire due to injuries and Jack Phelan because of a suspension. Medway put in two goals and had many scoring bids. Hanover’s Johnny Ferrarini made some big plays and Zach Chase had a goal saving play with his foot. In the second half, play evened out a lot and Hanover had some opportunities to score, including a penalty kick.  Medway was an extremely athletic and skilled team but they had to earn this win. It was a tough loss for this close-knit team, but the season went well for them despite the loss.

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