Class Assignment Leads to Project to Help Homeless

In AP English Language with Ms. Fay this year, a new book was introduced as part of the summer reading curriculum. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, by Nick Flynn, is a beyond touching and eye-opening memoir of his family’s struggle and his father’s hardship due to homelessness and alcoholism. Students of the class were assigned to look into the causes of homelessness, and what someone who is struggling may suffer from. We looked into all the types of people who suffer from homelessness: teenagers, children, the elderly and veterans. The causes varied also, ranging from abusive homes to mental illness. Stemming from the research in this project, Ally Knight and I thought, what more can we do to help? Thus, the clothes drive was born.

Our clothing drive will run through Nov. 24. We are accepting any and all types of clothing! We would especially like to collect teen and adolescent clothing, but any kind and for any age or gender is still greatly appreciated and useful.

As part of our AP assignment, we looked at many types of homeless shelters and organizations that collected items for those in need. Ultimately, we chose St. Francis’ House and Mass Coalition of Boston to donate the items that we collect. It took up some time to think about publicizing and how we would go about this process, but Ms. Fay  was supportive as were other staff members of the school. Mass Coalition sent us information about a teen program they launched, so we decided to make that our focus. How convenient since we are in a high school, with teens always growing in and out of clothes and forever changing styles?

“The clothes line” drive is something we hope to repeat in another holiday season and in future years, and we are hoping for a great outcome! We thank everyone for their help and encourage you to donate anything you can until the 24. Anything is appreciated!

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