Courtesy of Friends of Julie's facebook page

STUCO SCOOP: Holiday Happenings

The holiday season is buzzing around HHS. This year, Friends of Julie President Mark Porzio contacted the members of Student Council seeking students who would be willing to run and participate in a gift wrapping fund raiser at our own Hanover Mall. Friends of Julie is a nonprofit group that raises funds for parents with late-stage cancer so they can enjoy some family time away from the treatments and worries about cancer. Hannah Joy, Molly Minnehan, Lauren Bilton and Macy Hohenleitner have been avid participants and organizers of the fund raiser.  This community service opportunity will be continuing this weekend for any else interested too!

Speaking of the fast approaching holidays, StuCo members are picking teacher names to take part in a Secret Santa. (just a reminder for any member who hasn’t picked one yet!)  In addition, the office is housing paper ornaments up for grabs, with the gift of a senior citizen in need that anyone can purchase! This is a great way to make someone’s holiday season a bit brighter, and to know you helped someone out.

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