Counting Down to Holiday Break

Last holiday article guys, then Ms. McHugh can take off my seasonal shackles and I can be a free elf again. Holiday break could not come soon enough (seriously, I struggle to even glance at a pencil right now) and the citizens of HHS are pumped. Imagine almost two weeks free of stress and thoughts of dropping out and becoming a professional hobo . . .  ahhh, pure serenity.  The real question is what are we going to do for those two weeks. Personally I’m using my break to look into my love of gardening. I just can’t get enough hydrangeas or violets . . . they’re just so . . . vibrant.

So I went around spreading holiday bruises and cheers to work some answers out of the students. Some will stay, some may go, but rest assured, all will not be working. Junior Calley Madison is focusing on swim practice all day, every day, and also some school work. I envy Calley’s diligence since I’d rather spontaneously combust than look at school work during vacation.

Senior Amy Leonard (who insisted I put her in the paper again) is going to New York with her family on New Year’s Eve to see Elton John perform. New Year’s Eve and Elton John’s multiple hoop earrings? Count me in.

Sophomore Matt O’Sullivan is once again hunting, but this time his prey is cattle. Junior Scotty O’ Brien will be playing the great sport of ice sticking and snowboarding, while spending time at his New Hampshire house. Senior Jillian Locke will be attending multiple concerts such as Sammy Adams and Hoodie Allen. I hope she also attends a music event that isn’t terrible.

Senior dunkmaster Jack Buckley will be spending time with his friends and family. He will also be “crushing the basketball court fam.” I shall say no more.  Junior Dan McDougall will be “chillaxing,” as he would put it, but I feel he will just binge watch Sex In The City and eat Ben and Jerry’s while crying.

So there you have it people, my last holiday article ever. Until I have to write about them in January.

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