Snapchat Queen Takes on HHS!

Some of you may know my good friend Lia Ehlers. Ehlers might be part of the class of 2018, but she’s far from being the oimage4rdinary freshman. Some of you might know her as the girl who embraced the “freshman yellow” on spirit week by painting her entire face yellow.  Others might know her as the #1 ‘Hanover Superfan’ who would do anything to make sure she’s at every Hanover sporting event. But most of you know her as the girl who handed out a thousand papers with her Snapchat username. Ask yourself this question: “What if you, all by yourself, could make a difference in the lives of nearly every HHS student?” Lia Ehlers is trying to do exactly that.

On November 1, 2014, Ehlers was in gym class when she decided she wanted to meet some new people by getting them to add her on Snapchat. She tookimage2 over 100 index cards, cut them in half, and wrote “add me on Snapchat @liaehlers” on each card. She handed them out, taped them up in the school, wrote it all over whiteboards, and got the word out about her Snapchat account. Before she knew it, all different people started adding her on Snapchat. Upperclassmen she had never even talked to were looking up her username on the app.

When I sat down with the legend herself for an interview, Lia told me that she has gained over 100 friends on Snapchat due to her advertising. After handing out and hanging up papers at school, Lia decided it was time to take her dream  of being “Snapchat-famous” to the next level.image3

Lia went to the local Hanover movie theater and made sure an “add me on Snapchat @liaehlers” paper found its way into the candy bar display. People from all over Hanover were seeing this name everywhere!

How could you not add this girl?! Thanks to some of Lia’s friends, papers advertising Lia’s Snapchat were being put up at local coffee shops and hangout spots around Hanover.

image1People were adding Lia Ehlers on Snapchat faster than you could say “add @liaehlers on Snapchat”! When asked why she ever wanted to start advertising her Snapchat to the whole school, Ehlers replied, “I just always wanted to be famous and I wanted everybody to know who I am.” Although she’s definitely made some progress toward achieving her goal, she hasn’t even gotten started in comparison to what she’ll do next. We can’t wait to see how far she goes!


2 thoughts on “Snapchat Queen Takes on HHS!”

  1. LAUREN omg this article is hilarious. I love lia, this article describes her personality perfectly. outgoing and hilarious.


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