What’s Your Most Important School Supply?

School supplies are absolutely essential to school, no surprise. But I was curious as to what the people of HHS value as their most important item.

(A lot of people answered “pens.”)

Senior Amy Leonard said her lunchbox gets her through many long days at school. “I get hungry, so I pack it with snacks,” she said. “I always got my snacks on standby in case of emergency.”

A cell phone “for cheating” is essential to Steven Cockey, a senior. “Just kidding,” he added. “I would never do that . . .”

Fellow senior Chris Casper gave a more serious reply: “Pen and paper just in case I need to jot some important notes down for a teacher.”

Junior Sammi Olsen said paperclips are her most valuable school supply. “I can bend them and make shapes and stuff and I like that.”

Taylah Olsen, a sophomore, was emphatic in her answer.  “Notebook paper,” she said. “NOTEBOOK PAPER!”

A stapler was the choice of junior Jess Gardener. “Nothing is more relieving than finishing a paper, and stapling it. It’s such a relieving experience,” she said.

Such a variety of items. I am so blown away honestly ,wow. Like, this is incredible. So intriguing. Personally, my favorite school supply is anything I can hit my head off of, but that’s just me.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Most Important School Supply?”

  1. Mary Benedetti says her favorite school supply is “a tool to make you never speak in my general direction ever again”. Personally I just like some headphones to listen to music.


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