Snow Job: Will The Snow Extend the School Year?

Snow is awesome. No, really, I love it so much. You know what, I don’t love? Pounds of it. The persistent powder has really piled up this winter season and, after six snow days and endless hours of digging out my car, frankly I’m literally so done.  I feel like an old person for the first time in my life because when snow falls now,  instead of being happy and full of joy, I grumble and say profane things under my breath (Just kidding, I’m usually shouting). Too much of a good thing will always ruin it. Imagine eating a delicious piece of cake. Now imagine having that cake again, and again, and again repeatedly shoved down your throat. That’s what this winter is like.

snow window
The view from Mrs. Curley’s first floor classroom at HHS.

Snow, you’re a good guy; we used to hang out a lot. But you moved away for a while and you’re just not that fun to hang out with anymore. Plus, there’s the fact that you might extend the school year for everyone (seniors included) if we have any more of your stormy days off. Look snow, I know you thought everyone liked you, but I asked people how they would react if you extend the school year — some towns are staying in school until June 30, cancelling vacation days and planning weekend classes. Nobody at HHS was happy about those possibilities (although, thankfully, we’re still about four snow days away from having to worry about them).

“(expletive) no,” said senior Anna Haskins. “I would certainly not go to Saturday school. Sorry that the snow came down but it’s not my fault.”

That’s a big L that you have to hold to your chest, snow.

When I asked senior puck sucker Alex O’Dowd about whether, if it comes to it, he’d rather give up part of April break or more days of summer vacation, he said, “I would say do that . . . but don’t do that.” I’m sorry ladies, this poet is taken.

Junior Michele Leary suggested that the school day be extended by 5 minutes per day to make up lost time. She mentioned it was done in her brother’s school in Virginia, and it worked. Sophomore Alexia Lucia offered the idea of three half day Sundays, which is actually not a terrible idea.

It seemed unanimous that everyone does not want to deal with you, snow, but I feel sophomore Ryan Doolin summed it up best when I asked him how he would feel about an extended school day. Ryan’s response? “Bad.” I had to take a step back from his brilliance and just take in how deep this man is.

So snow, get off my damn lawn.


15 thoughts on “Snow Job: Will The Snow Extend the School Year?”

  1. I reallly love snow, its so white!!!!! that looks like tons of snow, how do you get out of the high school?


  2. As much as I like snow days as an extra day off from school, I think it’s a pain to take off a few days of Summer vacation. Mrs. Bitetti told me that during the blizzard of 78 she taught over at Winthrop high school and they cancelled school for almost a month because some people’s houses were destroyed and people had to take shelter at the high school. The best part was they did not have to make any of the days up.


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