Snowpocalypse: This Winter in Review

This past January, all wishes and prayers for more snow were finally granted when the first flakes fell on our little town of Hanover, Massachusetts . . . And fell again, and again, and again. And now, well into March, we are still feeling the ice-cold wrath of the all-consuming “Snowpocalypse” that has devoured the state. Within the past two months, we have seen entire neighborhoods swallowed by snow, parking lots turned to ice skating rinks, and monstrous icicles threatening to impale passersby. Every week has brought with it a new blizzard, heaping heavy coats of snow atop already towering snowbanks. And as the snow piled up higher and higher, so did the snow days.

At first, HHS students thanked the snow gods for bestowing upon them the first blizzard of the year, otherwise known as “Snowstorm Juno.” As a student population, we were all thankful for one, two, even three days off thanks to such a snowy blessing!

“It seemed like every Sunday we would get that call canceling school on Monday. After a while it’s like Sundays weren’t even Sundays anymore, and Mondays were just an extension of the weekend,” said junior Michael Gosselin.

However, as the days tallied up and dragged on week after week, that phone call from the administration canceling classes was no longer widely welcomed, but dreaded by some. Social media sites were flooded by complaints on the eve of a snow day, those of students remarking on the idea of being trapped in school until July.

“It’s kind of ridiculous,” said Gabby Manupelli, a sophomore. ” At this point we won’t even have a summer vacation.” And a large faction of the student population holds similar opinions, condemning the addition of any future snow days to hinder their release come June. Already, Hanover High is scheduled to remain open until near the very end of June, which can seem like eternities away when we are still buried in snow.

Hanover’s seniors tell a different story, however, relishing in as many snow days as they can because, as graduates, they will not have to make up the dreaded days during the summer.

“Bring on more snow!” senior Bryan Connors said, surely speaking on behalf of a majority of the senior class.

But many people besides the seniors are also viewing the excessive amount of snowfall in a positive light; viewing the few extra classroom days during the summer as mere inconveniences, nothing to get too upset about. Many consider pushing the school year back a little as only a small price to pay for a few treasured days off in the dead of winter. I can speak for myself when I say that these few opening months of the new year is usually when teachers pile on the most work, and it’s been nice to get a day off every once and while to catch up. And this is something that the snow has certainly given us.

Whether you welcome each snow day with excitement or agony, it is a wide acknowledgement that this winter has definitely been one for the record books. With snow piles twice the size of most adults and temperatures reaching unimaginable levels of cold, there’s no better time to pour yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate, bundle up in your warmest blanket, and take advantage of one of the greatest joys of living in New England. If this winter has proven anything, it’s that the snow stops for nobody. 2015 will forever be regarded as one of the snowiest years we’ve seen in our lifetimes,a true Snowpocalypse.

18 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse: This Winter in Review”

  1. The snow is CRAZY, driving around town with all these snow banks, WOW. Can’t wat for spring and the summer.


  2. I do agree the snow is almost like the blizzard of 78. There are actually small mountains near my house they of course have melted a little bit. My dad’s plow truck axel broke during the second snowstorm and he did not get it back until about a month. I had to help dig up some of the snow.


  3. YES ANDREA!! 🙂 I HATE the snow :). I mean don’t get me wrong I like the way it looks at first, but it’s like an annoying Aunt, after you see her for too long, like, you want her G O N E. LOL JK. Anyway, the snow banks makes it hard for me to do my outdoor calisthenics, and I’ve had to resort to doing sprints in my kitchen, and jump roping in the local Home Depot. I hope the snow goes away soon so I can get back out there and take some action shots of some local wild life!!!!!
    I miss raking my driveway so much.


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