Anchor TV: New Show Highlights Hanover Schools

The Hanover school district is using a new method of reaching out to students, parents, and the wider community. That method is Hanover Community Television’s  new show Anchor TV.  Each school has its own segment in the show to highlight what is going on. New episodes are released roughly once a month, with the latest released on March 3rd. Episodes are broadcast on Channel 22 (Comcast) or Channel 37 (Verizon FiOS) Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm or Friday and Saturday at 12:30 pm. Archives can also be found online at

The segment of the show about the high school is always featured first and prominently. Students from Mr. Patch’s advanced digital media class are the main producers. The latest episode interviews students on how they would describe the best principal HHS has ever had: Mr. Paquette. Seniors are also asked about their college plans;  I certainly know the stress of that whole process firsthand. Finally, Tyler Powers and Tom Martin were interviewed about their experience being on the hockey team all four year of high school and being captains this year. As we all know, the hockey team has had an amazing season and has made it farther in the tournament than any other sport here at HHS.

Later in the show, STEM Director Mr. Plummer is featured in the “Professor Plummer” segment where he dons a lab coat and invades Chem Lab 217 to do his evil bidding. Students from Center-Sylvester school explain who he is and the reasons behind his “evil” activities.

Anchor TV is just one of many ways that HPS district administration has sought to expand communication with the public. A team of digital media teachers from all of the schools and district central office staff meets once a week at HHS in order to plan their episodes and go over how their current episodes are received by the community. I personally think it is an amazing right now and it will only become better as it continues on the rest of this school year. They really make an effort to feature all of the notable events going on across the district and there is good chance that if you watch it, you may eventually find yourself in it! Everyone likes seeing themselves on TV, even if it just Channel 22.

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