Binge On Something Healthy!: Shows To Watch

You know what’s so dope?  Avoiding problems in my life and watching TV shows whose characters have more interesting lives than I do. So dope, trust me. In recent years, TV has become more than just schlock to numb your brain. Many would argue it has become the new form of artistic media replacing movies for quality, creativity, and tone. There’s no denying that shows have become even more of a fixture in people’s lives in the past years. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and On Demand, there are so many options at one’s disposal that it can be daunting. Don’t worry, I got you. I’ve spent many wasted hours watching TV and I feel immense shame for it. But at least I can guide you guys to some good shows right? . . . I’m so lonely.

Let’s start with the basics: any show that you’ve heard about but you still need to watch. People talk about them for a reason.

Breaking Bad: Imagine if Mr. Decie decided that he couldn’t support his family being a teacher anymore. Now imagine he also has an illness where the meds cost an immense amount of money. Then picture me as a burnout who loves shouting profanities. Now imagine we join up and make a meth empire with his chemistry expertise and my street smarts. Would you watch that? If so, you will like Breaking Bad.

Parks and Recreation:  This show is so awkwardly funny and I can’t stop watching. Amy Poehler is spot-on as the mostly insane park manager. Even though I’m only three episodes in, I can tell it’s good.

The Office: Hey, did you know this show was funny? If no, please remove yourself from my presence forever. Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski and the rest of the cast are perfect for the show’s slow, awkward tempo. (The producer is the same as Parks and Rec so it has a similar feel.)

American Horror Story: The only show in recent history that can make me uncomfy from just its intro. Each season is its own story with only the actors returning and nothing else. So far they’ve given us a dandy murder house, a demon/alien/psycho asylum, witches be b*tches, and a circus freak show. The upcoming season is in a hotel and features Lady Gaga. How wonderful.

The lesser knowns: Shows that might have gone under your radar, but should be on your radar.

Peaky Blinders:  First point . . . The main characters have razorblade hats, SECOND POINT . . . they have sick hair cuts. THIRD FU%^ING POINT . . .  It’s a really complex gangster show taking place in early 1920s Birmingham, England, focusing on the Peaky Blinders gang’s rise to the top of the criminal underworld through murder, treachery, and quick thinking. The main character is a cold heartless leader, while both brothers are maniacs, doing whatever– and I do mean whatever — it takes to help their brother.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia:  The main characters of this show have become more and more scumbaggish with each season and it’s amazing. It follows four friends and Danny Devito running a bar and just . . .just  barely functioning in society. They bumble through the most awful situations with no tact or class. It’s brilliant, plz watch plz.

The Sopranos: Another gangster show or more specifically, the Italian mob. This show follows Tony Soprano, an overweight, incredibly damaged, and ruthless crime boss and his life, family, and “job” (waste disposal). It’s set in New Jersey so you really get the depressed feel that plagues Tony, and anyone who lives in New Jersey for that matter. It’s an interesting tale of a man with plenty of exterior power, control, influence. But in truth, he’s falling apart episode by episode… and so is his life. THE FEEL GOOD SHOW OF THE CENTURY.

That’s my list of things I’ve spent hours of my life on. Instead of forwarding myself in education, I watch TV. I do this for you people. Hope you’re happy.

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