Best Ice Cream Places on the South Shore

As the snow slowly and painfully begins to melt away, I find myself thinking more and more about days where the I can wear shorts and tank tops, the days where I can get a sunburn and drink iced tea. Along with all of this, I find myself craving good, out-of-a-cone ice cream. In order to inspire you to think of these far away warm days, here is my list of the top places to eat ice cream nearby.

JC Dairy
This is absolutely a local favorite. Its location right in Hanover makes it a great place to quickly satisfy ice cream cravings. The opening of JC’s always marks the beginning of the spring season for all of us in Hanover. They carry all the classic soft-serve flavors, along with several other treats as well.

Dairy Twist
Dairy Twist is another popular place in the summer months. It is only a short drive away in Pembroke. As one can see from any Hanover student’s Instagram, Dairy Twist ice creams are a work of art. They come with bountiful toppings, coating the entire outside. They also give very large portions. Unless you can deftly eat an enormous ice cream before it melts, I recommend buying a small cone. Dairy Twist offers all kinds of flavors, giving it some of the most varieties in the South Shore.

Peaceful Meadows
Peaceful Meadows is a classic ice cream destination for any day of the year. As their sign proudly boasts, they are open ten to ten, 365 days a year. However, only in the summer can you pet their cows while you wait for your cone to be prepared. Yes, cows. Located on Route 18 in Whitman, Peaceful Meadows is an actual farm. The milk they use to make their ice cream comes from the cows on their farm. Although they do not offer as many flavors as these other shops, they have incredible homemade ice cream.

Hornstra Farms

Like Peaceful Meadows, Hornstra uses milk from the cows roaming in their pastures. Only recently did this Norwell farm start selling ice cream. Before this they just sold milk. You can see some of their trucks driving around town making deliveries. Their ice cream is mind-blowingly delicious. Also, driving to Hornstra is an ice cream experience. I know this sounds silly, but it really does feel authentic driving down a secluded road to a little farm with a big barn and a fields of corn. And yes, you can pet the cows here too.

12 thoughts on “Best Ice Cream Places on the South Shore”

  1. I personally feel as if this article is incomplete without mentioning Heidi’s on Route 58 in Hanson. It’s only open during the summer like most of these places but it’s my favorite one. It’s not even 5 minutes from my house and it’s real ice cream. None of the soft serve garbage. I encourage you all to check it out.


  2. Peaceful Meadows is my favorite. I wish they still had the cows there because that made the whole experience better. I have only been there a couple of times but is probably by far the best home made ice cream i have ever had.


  3. I have never been to any of these places but i’m sure that they are all bomb. Thank you for informing me on new places to check out. I prefer JC’s on route 53 that place bomb. Good job on the website keep it up!


  4. I think JC’s doesn’t compare to peaceful meadows because that place actually makes the ice cream from the cows on their farm.


  5. I would have to agree with Dan, Peaceful Meadows is a favorite of mine. I remember when I was young and my parents brought me to get ice creams. Also I enjoyed the cows in the field. It was always a great experience!!!!


  6. I think you should of added Nona’s ice cream to this list because its my favorite place to go during the summer. Its on Main Street in Hingham, and its only a 5 minute drive from Hingham Harbor.


  7. I like ice cream as well as all of you people. My favorite flavor is vanilla. I like dairy twist. They have great soft serve. I also like their blizzards. Oreo.


  8. Peaceful Meadows is amazing, and I strongly recommend their chocolate peanut butter reeces frap! I also love dairy twist, but usually don’t feel like driving there so JCs is good too!


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