Guys, We’re Talented! HHS Shows Off More Than School Smarts

Talent shows get a bad rap. People always envision lame singing acts or bad comedy performances. I think those people should shut their pie holes because I’m about to drop factual bombs over Baghdad about how sick the HHS Talent Show was this year. Now sadly due to me loving naps far too much, I missed the first couple of acts 😦 So I’ll ask other people how those went.

When I arrived, Junior Sophia Ruggiano was just beginning her rendition of “Pawn Shop Blues” by Lana Del Ray. Soph, I knew you did the theater thing, but I thought this performance was fantastic, truthfully. Up next was Chloe Minnehan Singing “Chandelier” by Sia. She even had a chandelier present while singing, such dedication to the source material. Of course it was good and I actually listened this time because it wasn’t the radio version.

IMG_7902Then came Max Meallo and Andy Nelson on the tambo, Amy  Leonard on electric keyboard, Gina Carbone on piano, Eric Smith on Bass, Dante Nicotera being the jazziest sax man this side of the union line, and Molly Minnehan banging drums. This steam train of musical talent jammed out to “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel and boy, was it a doozy. From Gina’s fingers igniting from laying waste to the ivory keys, or all the girls in the audience crowding around Dante when he played that sax riff, it was a lot of fun to watch.

After that, von Trapp household chief Zack McArthur sang “Cry Me A River” and tears were shed from every man, woman and child in the seats. ‘Diablo Rojo’ Taylor Grady, with the guitar accompaniment of the better, handsomer, musically gifted Eric — Eric Smith ––  sang “Medicine” by Daughter. T,  gotta say girl, this was incredible. If anyone sees Taylor in the halls, corner her and force her to sing, it’s fine.

The ladies from Vox then sang “Watcha Say” by Soulja Boy or something. Who cares? It was cool because their voices went up and down and it sounded neat. There were lots of singing acts, which is to be expected since we at HHS rock so many faces off on a daily basis. But the other singing acts I saw were Lindsey Glover with “Dope” by Lady Gaga and Lauren Murray with “This Time”
from the show Glee. Ladies, excellent job, you’re going to Hollywood for the second round.

IMG_7898Ever see someone bang a metal drum? The answer’s yes, Mr. Schu. But ever see three people do it at the same time while being sick nasty at it? No? You missed out then. This is exactly what happened when Swaggy Min, Better Eric, and Joshua “can man” Khun made their triumphant return to the stage to once again make us feel alive. It’s been four years since these prophets first congregated to form the holy trinity of bang drumming . . .  it was well worth the wait.

Can’t forget about young misses absolutely scorching the dance floor with their intricate and forbidden dance moves. Erika Nelson, Molly McMahon, and Lauren Galotti formed the dance group and well . . .  words can’t describe this act, people. You witnessed the birth of an art form if you were there, if not I’m sorry.

Wrapping everything up we had Lindsey Glover and Skye Howard giving a sasstacular rendition of “Senorita by JT .” So sassy, girls, rwarr.

In summary, if someone calls  talent shows “lame,” suplex them through the nearsest wall and tell them about HHS’ incredible talent.

One thought on “Guys, We’re Talented! HHS Shows Off More Than School Smarts”

  1. I wholeheartedly concur with your assessment of the talent here at HHS. I do hope people follow your advice to make Taylor sing in the hallways. Can we make Joshua bang trash cans as well? Eric’s guitar playing was absolutely phenomenal! I hope this becomes an annual event. I might be tempted to perform a lip sync battle with . . . Mrs. McHugh!


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