Senior Prom: A Night that Lived in Infamy

Senior Prom was last Friday (May 8th) at the Venezia in Boston. However, the festivities of prom began long before the busses arrived at the venue. Starting at 5:30, there was a red carpet event at the High School where everyone could walk in and get their pictures taken by none other than Mr. Ryerson. It was a perfect opportunity for people to see the seniors all dressed and ready to have a great time.  By the time the busses arrived at 6 pm, everyone was ready to leave their parents and siblings behind and embark on a night of fun as a senior class.

The first three busses quickly made it to the Venezia but the last bus broke down while leaving the high school and a replacement had to be dispatched at the last minute. When the last bus finally arrived at the venue, many of the occupants were greeted by uproarious applause as it meant that the dance could finally begin. Before I could even put my fork down after dinner was served, the DJs started to get people out onto the dance floor. Within about 10 minutes, the tables were deserted and everyone was getting it down on the dance floor. It might sound cliche, but the senior class really came together and everyone really got into dancing, my date and I certainly included.

An important part of every prom is the announcement of the prom court, which is decided by the chaperones in attendance. Guys included Patrick Turpin, Jon Crespi, and Devin Depauw. The girls were Dominque Notarangelo, Hannah Joy, and Olivia Deltufo. The prom king was Andrew Martin and the queen was Amy Leonard.

A special thanks should go out to the senior class officers: Mike Vigneaux (President), Molly Minnehan (Vice President), Nick Ricciarelli (Treasurer), and Andrew Nelson (Secretary) for spending most of the year planning the festivities. The event also would not have been possible without the class advisors Mr. Hegarty and Mr. Rodday as well.

Senior Prom is one of those many rites of passage that marks the end of high school and the beginning of life beyond the walls of HHS. It’s sort of bittersweet for me to realize that this will be my last school dance at HHS. On a positive note, everyone I talked to, whether they went with a traditional date or a group of friends, had an amazing time.

If you have any pictures that I can include in this gallery, please email them to me at or Mrs. McHugh at

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