Poetry Slam Comes to HHS

This past Thursday (May 7), Hanover High School hosted its own poetry slam featuring the poetry of faculty and students. Sponsored by the Hanover High School Literary Magazine (www.hanoverlitmag.com) and the HHS Indian newspaper group, the event displayed the incredible talents of almost a dozen performers.

Senior David Raab emceed the occasion along with the help of junior Angela Mirisola. To start off the evening, snacks were served while music played softly in the background. After the crowd had filled up the multipurpose room in the high school, Raab announced the first guest. Mrs. Hughes, assistant principal at Hanover Middle School, began the night with a hopeful, touching poem called “Moving Ahead.” High school poetry teacher Mr. Hopkins rose next to share a few intriguing works including one poem titled “There was that Night.”

The audience sat eagerly as each poet entered the spotlight to deliver creative, descriptive and emotional pieces. Mirisola presented a beautifully written poem herself, painting a picture with her words for keen listeners. The night was very special for the performers—it was a time not to compete for the best poem, but rather one where each person could simply share a beautifully crafted piece of themselves. Many of the reciters read their own poetry—like senior Lindsay Glover, who expertly performed a heartfelt, genuine poem titled “This is a True Story.” Jill Drummy, a junior, also performed a moving original piece.

Along with sophomore Lauren Bilton, Drummy recited a powerful work by W.D. Snodgrass called “A Locked House.” Despite its mysterious essence, the two girls were able to unlock the poem’s wisdom and eloquence in their excellent ability to present it. Other performers included junior Sarah Kelly, who got the audience thinking hard when she gave a beautiful recitation of the surprisingly hopeful poem, “Why I Think the World Should End” by Prince Ea. Andrea Bilton, a junior like Kelley, presented some of her own work and captivated the audience. One of her well-expressed works was “Under the Influence of a Dream.”

As the night came to a close, sophomore Julia Goslin and junior Chloe Minnehan sparked a grand finale. Goslin enthralled the crowd with several poems, including a moving piece titled “Injustice.” Minnehan entered the spotlight next and recited Shane Koyczan’s “The Crickets Have Arthritis,” a hopeful, heartbreaking poem about one man’s experience at a hospital.

As the event neared closing time, Raab announced the winner of a raffle sponsored by the event. The lucky one chosen would win a year’s supply of bread from Panera Bread. The bread went to performer Chloe Minnehan—a well deserving recipient! All in all, the night was a showcase of the excellent talent of the students of Hanover High School, both reciters and performers alike.

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