Noteworthy: New girls’ choir group joins HHS music

Another year, another club.

Macy Hohenleitner, ’17, and Maddy Carroll, ’18, are the brains behind a new accappella group, Noteworthy, that has joined the growing body of extracurriculars at HHS. Noteworthy looks to incorporate pop and contemporary into their spectrum of music. The group is open to all grades and female singers of interest. Earlier this month, the club held their first meeting in the auditorium, the home to some of the most musically gifted student at HHS.

“So far we have a special song from Spring Awakening, which is a musical,” said Macy, who is also an actress within both the Hanover High Drama Society and the South Shore Company Theater. “Although not on the radio, or known by most people, it has amazing harmonies and a fun, angsty style to it.  We are also singing an Adele mash-up of Rumor Has It/Someone Like You, which was performed on Glee.”

At one of the recent Noteworthy meetings, solo auditions were held. “Everyone auditioned in front of each other, which was awesome, because it shows comfort between all the girls, and everyone is really talented,” Macy reports.

The girls’ first appearance is approaching this fall; as a newly formed group, they are ready to climb their way up the ranks by performing for the first time during intermission of the HHS fall drama performance, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. With this first performance inching closer, the ladies of Noteworthy are practicing their songs, in the hopes of potentially earning a slot at one of Hanover High’s choir concerts — or, possibly a whole new type of concert that they could call their own. “We hope to then expand our performances to choir concerts, or even our own concerts!” Macy stated.

“I feel really good about it, it’s exciting,” Maddy said. Since she has nearly three years left at Hanover, and Macy has two years, the club has plenty of time to expand, recruit more members, and explore talents within the group of singers.

Noteworthy’s first performance(s) will be during intermission at The Complete Work of William Shakespeare, November 20th, 21st, and 22nd. 

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