The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Kevin Perry

Any Hanover High student walking in the direction of pod 208 will probably hear him before they see him. Shirt and tie, combed over hair, and a smile that can light up the school. Mr. Perry, a U.S. History teacher at Hanover High, has been teaching here for almost 19 years. Everyone wishes to have him as a teacher, as he is not only a great educator, but a kind and hilarious man, able to connect with students on topics ranging from baseball to music. You’ll definitely learn your share of Ronald Reagan facts and Gilded Age personas, but you’ll also hear an array of Janet Jackson, Red Sox opinions, and jokes of all kinds.

And he’s not like this only in classes either. It’s nearly impossible to go a day in Hanover High without seeing the inseparable pair of Perry and Mr. Brown in the halls, cracking jokes at each other, or hearing laughs from the teachers in pod 208, which is comparable to an episode of The Office. Mr. Perry is also the class advisor for the class of 2017, along with Mr. Brown. As class treasurer, I can say with all confidence that he has contributed greatly to the class’ immense success. We would not be where we are without him.

That can also be said by hundreds, if not thousands, of students that have experienced the fun and knowledge of Mr. Perry. He truly exhibits a gift to connect with students, evident by the true friendships he’s made over the years, which can be seen at breakfast shops all over the South Shore on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I had the pleasure of learning from Mr. Perry in AP U.S. History sophomore year, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. I learned more in that class not only about history, but about life and everything in it, more than I would have in any other history class. Everyone in Hanover High owes their thanks to Mr. Perry for making this school a much better place, just with his presence. So, if you don’t know him yet, get to know him. It’ll improve your experience here at Hanover High. And make a Janet Jackson reference. He’ll love it.

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