A Fresh Start (The Soap and Towel Campaign)

In September of 2007, Jazna Stannard started a project called the “Soap and Towel Campaign” with the help of student council kids at Hanover High School. The charity drive collected things like shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels, mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant and other toiletries for people who are homeless. Although it all started in our little old town, it has since expanded across the whole state of Massachusetts as well as many areas throughout the country. Now known as “A Fresh Start,” this nonprofit organization is a huge success and seems to be expanding every day. Its partners include universities, hotels, corporations and ordinary people like us.

Many of us in Hanover (especially us teenagers) take for granted the things that we have, and never worry about not having soap, or toothpaste or towels. We may never think about how truly grateful we are to have these things because we are just so accustomed to having them at our fingertips whenever we need them. There are thousands and thousands of people all over the globe who aren’t even privileged enough to have even  a bar of soap, and that is where it is our job to work with organizations like “A Fresh Start.”

Because it all started right here at Hanover High School, we have made sure our school collects bins of toiletries every year. Some teachers like Mrs. Fay even offer their students extra credit for bringing in items to donate. This year, Callie Hoadley and I are committee heads of this campaign through Student Council. We have a donation box in the office, and flyers all over the walls, but nobody can benefit without YOUR donation. Please bring in any toiletries and towels and drop them off in the office. These small actions we take create big movements throughout the world.

To learn more about the national campaign, visit http://www.afreshstartcampaign.org/


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