Josh Nichols’ Advice Column

In this new feature, staff member “Josh Nichols” will take questions from HHS students and try to provide helpful advice. If you have any questions you’d like the column to address, email them to or Questions can be published anonymously.

Anonymous: Hey Josh, I’m a junior at Hanover High School and I’m taking SATs in March. Any tips on studying ?

Josh Nichols: Dear Anonymous, there are all kinds of ways to study for SATs and you have plenty of time to figure out which method works for you. There are many apps available in the App Store for all smartphones to help prepare you for SATs as well as  books available in the HHS library and online to help you prepare. When you’re studying, figure out what keeps you focused. You may find that quiet music, a cup of tea, or maybe gum or snacks will keep you alert and concentrated while studying. Talk to your teachers or guidance counselors for more advice about studying for the SATs.

Anonymous: I’m thinking about asking a certain someone to prom but I’m not sure if they are already going with someone!

Dear Anonymous: You should ask a few people if they know whether the person you want to ask has a date or not yet, and if you still aren’t sure, just ask them to prom anyway! It’s worth a shot and the worst he/she can say is that they already have a date. Don’t hold back just because there is a “chance” he/she already has a date! In the case that they already are going with someone, don’t stress! There’s plenty of time to find someone new or you could even just go with some friends. Good luck anon!!

Anonymous: Dear Josh, what do I do if someone hasn’t hung out with me five times in a row?

Josh Nichols: Dear Anon, I am sorry to hear that! Maybe he/she has been very busy and wasn’t able to hang out regardless of how much they wanted to. I bet the person really does want to hang out with you but wasn’t able to. I would advise that you wait for this person to come to you about hanging out, but if they don’t- maybe ask them again. 🙂 Be confident! Hope this helps!

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