April Snowstorms Bring May Flowers?

By: Chris Acampora & Kristen Plahn

With most people’s weather forecasts looking like something straight out of February, nobody would believe we just started spring here in Hanover.


Last week brought warm temperatures along with high winds. But over the weekend and into Monday, New England’s weather decided, “hey, I’m not feeling this temperature today… or this week, maybe I’m having another ‘off month’ so let’s have another week of winter…”

The snow Monday caused many students to wonder if school would be cancelled, or dismissed early, and if various afterschool activities would take place. Luckily (although that is debatable among students), we did finish the school day and added another tally to the 180-day requirement, instead of adding another day in June.

The storm posed a risk for drivers heading out into the weather. All drivers were advised to drive slower than usual. The snow and ice  made the roads increasingly dangerous, even to those with cars equipped with all-wheel drive. Another precaution was to make sure your roof was cleared before even pulling out of the HHS parking lot. If your roof wasn’t cleared, you risked having a snow-covered windshield as soon as you put on your brakes.

The recent weather also contradicted the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” With newly budding flowers buried under snow and ice, it might be a while before we see green lawns and blooming gardens.


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