Five New Websites To Try (That Aren’t Social Media)

Living in the midst of the era of social media can lead to a pretty narrow exploration of the World Wide Web. As teenagers, we seem to devote all of our time online to just a few social media sites. But there are so many helpful and interesting websites to explore even if they do not come in app form. I think that it would be interesting to share some of the websites that I have found to be particularly great, whether they involve personal interest or relaxation, forgotten appointments or forgotten songs, or becoming fit while having fun. Perhaps we can make positive use of the Internet in an even more expansive way.


Have you ever wished to find new inspiration or explore your interests? This discovery engine is your chance. StumbleUpon links users with websites relevant to their specified interests—whether sunsets, neoclassical architecture styles or any other branch of life. By using this site, you will be able to interact with what makes you tick and then continuously grow those interests. Stumble away!

There is no need to travel to the Caribbean or pull out a yoga DVD when you have access to this site. In a world that is often hectic and disconnected, offers a visual and auditory escape to a place of mindful relaxation and meditation. Take a break from your stress and your studies to center yourself in a peaceful, clear state of mind. With audio-guided or self-guided mediation, you will leave this website with an understanding of why it is called

Go to this site and watch your life (literally) fall in to place!’s organization grid allows you to chart in your agenda for “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Upcoming” and “Someday.” What is more, the online website allows for a full view of your tasks so that stress can slowly ease away.


If you are looking to acquire a unique, undiscovered music taste, Forgotify will provide you with just that. While Spotify offers more than 20 million songs, this site offers about 5 million that have never been heard. Broaden your taste and your music sensibility by giving some of these hidden songs a listen.


If you are a competitive person, getting healthier will become easier and likely much more fun with this website. Fitocracy allows you to unlock goals, compete with other members, and go on health “quests” to ramp up your health, all with access to an online coach and team. This website allows fitness to become a team sport!

Hopefully, at least one of these sites is appealing and will become a new bookmark in your browser. And maybe there is even a chance that you will be happier, healthier, and relaxed for it.

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