Four Days, Three Nights, Free Wings

On Friday, March 11th, I heard some life-changing news that the popular restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings, would be opening in Hanover just a few days later. I was on my way home from a Massachusetts-wide student council conference with all of my friends when Lauren Gelly announced that the first 100 customers to the new store on Monday, March 14th, would be given free chicken wings for an entire year. Immediately, a crazy idea came to my mind that if I were to camp out right when I got home from school that day, I would be the first one in line. I mentioned my thought to Ally Knight who was sitting right next to me, and without hesitation she agreed. Ally and I always do crazy stuff together but this was by far the most ridiculous thing we had ever thought of. So we did it anyway.

As soon as we got home around 3 pm that Friday, we did some research on Buffalo Wild Wings to find out if the “Free Wings for a Year” was actually true. We found out that indeed it was, and we also read that at some of the openings, the first customer was given a $100 gift card to go with their year-supply of free wings. Before even asking our parents, we were off to Buffalo Wild Wings. We grabbed all of our belongings at our houses like our phones, chargers, food, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats and whatever else we needed for a campout in front of B-Dubbs. Neither of us had a tent, so we borrowed a small, orange, one-person tent from our friend Connor McCormick.

We got to BWW at around 4 pm and started setting up our tent. One of the managers, Mike, came outside to tell us they weren’t opening until Monday morning at 10:00 am. We told him that we were aware it was only Friday afternoon, but we wanted to be first in line. He called out all the other workers to come see how crazy we were, and they all couldn’t stop laughing. All of the BWW workers were taking pictures, and told us we were about to become “Buffalo Wild Wing Legends.” The managers told us that in BWW history, the earliest people to ever show up before an opening was around 4:00 pm the night before. We were three days early.

We didn’t care. We hung out in our tent, resting and enjoying the nice weather until around 6:30 pm when Mike and the other managers invited us in for some free dinner. They were doing soft openings for training sessions, so all of the food was free and we could basically order anything on the menu. We got tons of food and wings, all for free, and all of the staff loved us because we were “the two girls living outside in a tent.” After dinner, a couple of friends visited us at our tent. They completely ripped the front of the tent, and then left, leaving us exposed to the chill of the night. Ally ran to Walmart in the mall to buy a new tent, while I stayed at our spot. She bought a hot pink tent with dancing foxes all over it, because it was the cheapest one they had.

We woke up in the morning to coffees and munchkins, which the manager bought us. We left our tent for a bit, showered and got ready for the day, then met back at the tent to hang around there all day. Friends were constantly visiting us, we were constantly receiving free food, and no less than 15 pictures an hour were taken of us. Every so often, police would drive by and tell us it was not a good idea to be sleeping there, but we held our ground and stayed there all three nights. We did homework in our lawn chairs, taking shifts staying at the tent when either Ally or I had to work. We would go home every night, get ready for bed, then come back to our little pink home.

The last night, Sunday night, was truly the most spectacular. Hosted by the best DJ ever, we played trivia all night, challenged each other in Kahoot!, sang karaoke, and played all sorts of fun games. Joining us on our last night were our friends Mikey Nimiskern, Jill Drummy, Andrea Bilton, Jamie Knight, Mike Meads, and Callie Hoadley. Other groups of people set up their own tents and got into warm clothes for the fun night ahead. We had to stay awake the whole night because a woman named Shauna would come out of the building every half hour or so to give us stickers. In the morning, they assembled us into a line based on how many stickers we had. Obviously Ally and I had the most, so we were number 1 and 2 in line in the morning. All of the managers invited us into the group picture with them. It truly was a weekend to remember, and now I have free wings until March 2017.

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