What Boston Sports Team Will Bring In A Superstar This Summer?

While the Red Sox are in the midst of an awesome season, Boston’s other sports teams are all in their off-season and looking to improve their respective rosters. As the summer approaches, we draw closer to the NHL and NBA drafts, NFL training camp and the MLB trade deadline. So a good question is, which Boston team has the best chance of acquiring a superstar player this summer? Some teams need to make moves to be competitive and vie for championships again, while others just need to shore up a weak spot or two. Here’s who I believe has the best chance of doing that.

First off, I feel the New England Patriots have the least chance of landing a superstar this summer. Now, the Patriots did make a huge move in acquiring former Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. He and Rob Gronkowski should be an elite tight end duo for the Patriots offense this season. The NFL draft has come and gone, and most elite free agents have been signed, so it seems the
Patriots have made all of their moves and are set on their roster. If the Patriots were to trade for some sort of a superstar, it’d come as a major surprise to me.

The Boston Bruins have missed the playoffs the past two seasons, both times because of a late-season collapse. The Bruins’ weakest link is their coach Claude Julien, and at the end of last season, they already committed to keeping him around. Of all the Boston teams, the Bruins have the biggest need for a game-changing superstar. Their roster just isn’t very good. The lack of solid defense is what held the Bruins back from generating a successful season. But I don’t think they’re going to get the superstar they need. I don’t have any faith in the organization of the Bruins. They haven’t done anything under General Manager Don Sweeney that makes me feel confident in them making a move for a big time player. The Bruins absolutely need to make moves to strengthen their roster, I just have doubts they will do enough to give us a winning product.

The Boston Celtics were eliminated in the first round of the NBA playoffs this past season. As one of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA, the C’s season was successful despite losing in six games to the Atlanta Hawks. This off-season is huge for the Celtics as it seems their rebuilding process has come to an end and their young roster has major potential to continue to improve. But it’s almost impossible to contend for championships in the NBA without a superstar. The Celtics had the third best chance in getting the number one overall pick in this year’s draft. A trade from 2013 with Brooklyn sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and D.J. White to Brooklyn for three first-round picks and players. Brooklyn had one of the worst records in basketball this season and the Celtics had full position of their first-round pick. With a 15.6 percent chance of landing the number one overall pick, the Celtics ended up receiving the 3rd overall selection in this year’s draft. The Celtics will have to make major moves in order to get a superstar, but under the control of Danny Ainge, I believe they will do it. This off-season, the Celtics will figure out a way to bring in a real talented player to help them go deep into the playoffs.

The Boston Red Sox are contenders to go to the World Series as of right now. In no way am I saying the Red Sox are going to win the World Series, but they are absolute contenders. The Sox are the only Boston sports team that plays during the summer, but most definitely are the most likely to bring in a superstar. President of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski, will be looking to improve the Sox come July when the MLB trade deadline approaches. The Red Sox offense is dominant and their bullpen has been very strong too. The Sox starting pitching is their Achilles heel. With major struggles from $217 million pitcher David Price, Edwardo Rodriguez still on the DL and Clay Buchholz constantly unable to last more than four innings, starting pitching is a major need for the Sox. The reason I believe they have the best chance to land a superstar this summer is because of the position they will be in when the trade deadline arrives. The Sox should continue their winning ways and, with the American League being relatively open, the Sox should be one good starting pitcher away from being the team to beat in the AL. Dombrowski understands how things have been for the Sox as of late. He’ll make the necessary moves. Barring major injuries or collapse, the Sox this summer should acquire a big time superstar player that will help them play long into the post-season.

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