School Start Time Pushed Back 30 Minutes

After serious consideration about a later start time for Hanover High School, administrators have come to a decision. In the fall, the first bell will move from 7:25 am to 7:55 am, and dismissal will be 2:4 pm instead of 2:16 pm.

A few weeks ago, each grade was called down to have a discussion on the topic of start times. Mr. Paquette explained how waking up early has been scientifically proven to cause a multitude of problems for teenagers such as getting to school late, a decrease in grades, and even discipline issues. High schools across the country have adopted later start times, with elementary schools starting earlier because younger children naturally wake up early.

The most common argument students had was that a later start time, and therefore later dismissal time, would affect sports. But many schools in Massachusetts have start times as late as 8 am and their sports don’t interfere with schoolwork. The more controversial part of this new plan is how early release days may work. One proposal is to have half days start for students at 10am, and still end at the normal time. The teachers would go to meetings before the students come to school. Could this lead to weaker teacher performance on early release?


Whatever happens next year, remember The Indian will be here to keep you updated.


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