Cast, Crew Preparing for Legally Blonde: The Musical

After a debut last year at the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Festival and a stupendous production of the 1930s musical Anything Goes, Hanover High School’s Drama Department is back for another great year. The department welcomes Mr. Wade, new choral director here at HHS and the music director for the fall production of Legally Blonde: The Musical.

“Mr. Wade is awesome and efficient!” said Billy Porter, Class of ‘18. “We already learned all the music and I love everyone in the cast.”

The musical takes the fall slot this year, which has previously been used for a play, a decision that was controversial among the participants of drama club. Past performances have included Romeo and Juliet and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]. Students were amped to start off the year with a classic play, but faculty decided that the musical be the first production. Recent musicals have included The Sound of Music in March 2015 and Anything Goes last May. Students were upset about the change, as the fall has the highest percentage of students participating in sports (64%), thereby limiting who can participate in drama. However, the club has adjusted and is hard at work preparing for performances in mid-November.

An award-winning musical based on the popular movie, Legally Blonde follows the transformation of Elle Woods, who charms her way into law school in hopes of reuniting with the boyfriend who dumped her. Soon, and with the help of friends, she realizes her own potential and strives to overcome stereotypes and snobbery to prove herself to the world.

Spencer Kubicki, Class of ‘18, takes the male lead this yfall, after previously making his debut as the featured “always drunk” character in Anything Goes. “Legally blonde is an amazingly fun and upbeat musical with the perfect mix of serious and funny,” he said. “With catchy songs and memorable characters, this show is sure to be a hit!”

I, myself, am extremely delighted to be cast as Elle and share the stage with Spencer. I can’t wait for the duets we get to sing!

If interested in backstage crew, or potentially playing a few roles that remain unfilled, see Mr. Plummer (he’s usually in the auditorium)!

Cast List

Elle Woods–Macy Hohenleitner

Emmett Forrest–Spencer Kubicki

Paulette Buonofuonte–Katie Scott

Pilar–Siofra Carty

Margot–Mikenzie Matheson

Serena–Vanessa Gallo

Professor Callahan–Bruno Barbuto

Warner Huntington III–Billy Porter

Vivienne Kensington, Elle’s Mom–Maddy Carroll

Brooke Wyndham, Kate–Anna Harper

Leilani–Aria Duff

Kyle B. O’Boyle–TBD

Enid Hoops–James Sheridan

Elle’s Dad, Winthrop–Alex Linn

Sundeep Padamadan–Alex Light

Aaron Shultz, Court Stenographer–Peter Scriber

Dewey, Lowell–Freddy Trankels

Nikos Argitakos–TBD


Grandmaster Chad–Bruno Barbuto

Pforzheimer–Jake Casey

Whitney–Teresa Nicotera

Chutney Wyndham–Lauren Bilton

Judge–Julia Goslin

D.A. Joyce Riley–Sean Goslin

TV Reporter–Chloe Coughlin

△N/Greek Chorus/Prisoners: Mikenzie Matheson, Vanessa Gallo, Siofra Carty, Aria Duff, Kyra Hohenleitner, Abby Cummings, Audrey Lloyd, Anna Harper

Ensemble: Jacob Casey, Erin Foley, Gage Gosule, Sean Goslin, Julia Goslin, Teresa Nicotera, Chloe Coughlin, Freddy Trankels, Juliana Gioso, Caroline Cleary, Peter Scribner, Alex Light, James Sheridan, Alexander Linn, Colleen Foley, Beth Monahan


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