Fan’s Eye View of Patriots Victory Parade

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, I went to the Patriots Super Bowl Parade along with hundreds of other Hanover High School students and thousands of area fans. I woke up at 6:30 am just like any other school day, but instead of getting ready for school, I bundled up and put on my Gronk jersey. It definitely was not the greatest weather -freezing icy rain and howling wind – but it was certainly a day I will never forget. There was no better feeling than arriving at the Braintree T station to see hundreds of devoted Patriots fans in their gear, ready to watch the greatest football team of all time cruise by on the Duck Boats.

When my friends and I got to Boston, we decided to head to City Hall Plaza, which is where Tom Brady and the rest of the Pats would finish the parade and say a few words to the fans. As thousands of people packed Tremont Street, we saw some pretty interesting stuff. I had to have seen around a hundred signs making fun of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, hundreds of  “Roger That” and “Drive for 5” posters, fans who may have had a little too much fun, and even two moms getting into a fistfight. I’m going to have to say seeing Gronkowski hanging off the side of a duck boat, shirtless, with the Lombardi trophy in one hand, was one of the top 5 coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life.  

The weather made it a little tough to enjoy the parade but we made the best of it. New England fans are tough and that wasn’t going to stop us from spending the day celebrating the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time. Being 5’2” made seeing over the crowd a little difficult, but I found a way.

Once the parade was over, we headed home. Trying to get on the train was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. Cold and soaking wet, we waited on the Downtown Crossing platform and had to let four trains pass because they were too crowded. Finally, we found a way to squeeze on. The train smelled awful and I think everyone at that point just wanted to get home.

Spending my day in Boston watching the parade was a great experience. Being a Boston sports fan is something I definitely do not hate. Tom Brady is a savage and I wish Robert Kraft was my grandpa.


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