What is Hanover High Thankful for this Year?

Staff writers Juli Cocomazzi and Tim Sullivan asked some of their classmates to describe in a few words what they were thankful for this year. They got some pretty interesting responses! Read below.

Hope Thurston is thankful for everything! She’s getting a car really soon and is thankful that she won’t be paying for it. She has a really good relationship with her mom and her hair is really thick and healthy, she loves it.

Paige McKee is thankful for her good health and her friendships.

Alex Brennan is thankful for his friends and family, along with his house.

Peyton Curvels is thankful for her family and her good health.

Davis Dunphy is thankful for backwards, upside down visors, and that we won the Cold War.

Meghan Collett is thankful for just about everything in her life.

Jenna Healy is super thankful! She’s thankful for her friends and family, her health, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Jules Dunderdale is thankful for her supportive family and for the troops! Join her brand new Students for Soldiers club if you feel the same way; she would be extra thankful for your support!

Braden Glynn is thankful for his family and friends.

Rori Jenkins is wicked thankful for her dog and her cat.

Lauren Cockey is thankful for all the wonderful teachers at Hanover High School.

Channing Miller is thankful for the Thanksgiving break and all the food that comes with Thanksgiving!

Lexi Rynning is thankful for her friends and family, and especially her dog.

Bella Craft is thankful for her amazing mom and her dog, Fifi.

Erin Halpin is thankful for her friends and family.  

Ben Lee is thankful for his bestie, Aria Sweeney.  

Mikayla Chabot is thankful for her dog, her friends and her family.

Caleigh McCloskey is thankful for her two beautiful dogs and wonderful teachers.

Kayla Mullane is super thankful for Student Council and her friends and family.

Sophie Picard is thankful for the great responses to the tasty baking treats she sells at HHS.

Anthony Pierotti is thankful for Hilliard’s Chocolate.

Olivia Reddish is thankful for RunKeeper, the exercise app, and for her gym power walks with her besties.

Alex Stacy is thankful for “Thank U, Next.”

Emily Tuzik is thankful for her awesome volleyball team.

Dom Cerone is thankful for Mrs. Martin. “She’s my favorite teacher because she always says hi to me in the halls.”

Ellie Hardman is thankful for the opportunities she’s been given her whole life.


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