Promposals: The Quest to Make a Question into an Event

Easily the biggest question besides “will you marry me?” is “will you go to prom with me?” These problems right now, MATTER SO MUCH. If that girl or boy says no to prom, IT WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

But seriously, it is a rather stressful event in our minds. The process of asking used to be rather simple and awkward. Now it’s complicated and awkward;  just wonderful. It’s more of a competition of who can be more creative and funny, which is fine by me. I like seeing people outside of their comfort zones holding their hearts in their hands waiting for that yes or no. It’s a brave act, or at least the promposal is.

We’ve already seen a couple of promposals at HHS with Foley being Foley and doing Foley stuff in order to ask Erin to the event, and Nick Kelsey getting all his bros and bras to help him ask out Chach. Abby Lyons asked Ryan Glynn by spelling out “prom” in chicken nuggets (the question mark was in ketchup). Glynn cried for hours in happiness, as he is known to do. Sarah Powers spraypainted a snowbank to ask Nick Ricciarelli.  Vandalism is great when it’s for a good cause, Sarah. All time sweetie pie Dan McDougall asked Kylie Chetwynde on multiple boxes of peppermint patties, her favorite candy. Dan was so happy that she said yes that he went home yet again to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and eat copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s. I wonder what the certain surge of elaborate promposals stems from. It’s probably due to phones, cameras and social media blah blah — everyone wants to see how nuts people get.

Promposals such as this one, found on, have some school administrators begging "STOP!"
Promposals such as this one have some school administrators begging “STOP!” From

Unfortunately, “the man”  is cracking down on these displays of kindness and good-natured fun in some schools, promposals being disruptive and blah blah. It seems everything can be turned into a disruption or something unethical, even this. Not only would I have some choice words for the gents saying to stop promposals (I’d also have something special for his kneecaps), I have some words supporting this relatively new tradition. It’s a fun and harmless way to express a desire for an event that can be very awkward otherwise. Since promposals can be so ridiculous, it can be pretty hard for a girl to say no to such nerve and creativity (girls like that, I think, I don’t know, they’re weird). Promposals are not disruptive, they’re fun. Nowadays we need fun. We don’t exactly live in a fun world so when someone tries to criminalize an act like this, I get heated.

Luckily for us, our principal — no, our lord — Mr. Paquette is a true renaissance man and allows us  to proceed in our prom shenanigans. However Mr Paquette told me that he “does not like the prospect of someone being rejected, publicly.” He has a very valid point. While most people are confident they’ll get a yes,  it is a big gamble that could end in heartbreak, and no one wants that.

I think I have a pretty good idea of how I’m asking whatever unlucky lady I choose to take. But if you’re stuck and not as awkwardly charming or as shameless as me, check Pinterest or even Google; there are plenty of ideas there to use.