Students play Secret Santa to Teachers

By Cate Marchetti

Brightly wrapped gifts and packages with gold ribbons are a common sight around the holidays, but what about when the tag is signed only with the the mysterious name “Secret Santa”? Many a Hanover High School teacher experienced this thrill of mystery as the school’s student council once again organized a student-teacher Secret Santa program for the days leading up to winter break. Office holders, elected representatives, and honorary representatives alike had the opportunity to sign up at the student council meeting in early December as a Secret Santa for their favorite teacher. Having agreed to be a “Santa,” students purchased small gifts of less than five dollars to surprise teachers with on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before break.

“I think the student council Secret Santa is a great way to show appreciation to all of the teachers who dedicate themselves to giving us an education,” said Andrea Bilton, sophomore class president. “The best feeling in the world is knowing that that you put a smile on a teacher’s face by the end of the week.”

And smile they did, as many happy faces could be spotted throughout the halls of HHS when students revealed their identity by presenting their final gift in person. “Secret Santa is a great way for students to get to know teachers, and spread holiday cheer throughout HHS,” said Sarah Ryan, Treasurer for the class of 2016. The program allowed students and teachers to connect on another level. Student council members had the opportunity to give back to the teachers who make school more enjoyable, and teachers looked out as they taught and wondered which face in the crowd was leaving them surprises in their mailbox.

Callie MacDonald, an honorary representative, also enjoyed being a Secret Santa.  “I found it to be a great experience where I could form a closer bond with my teacher,” she said. “Also, it was a good opportunity to celebrate Christmas in the school.”

With the help of this popular tradition, many student council members and teachers alike discovered that not only are the holidays a time of fun and celebration, but also serve to bring people closer together and show how much you value each other.

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