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New Year, New Resolutions – For Some!

By Norah Kelley, ’24

Staff Writer

New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make, hard to keep. Some students at Hanover High School had success with their resolutions for 2020, but some did not. Others didn’t even bother making any.

Paige Dillis, junior:

“I don’t remember making a New Year’s resolution last year. I know it is something that many people do, but I actually never ended up having a specific resolution for last year.  I usually try to come up with different areas and things to work on, rather than just having one specific resolution.”

Maeve Higgins, freshman:

“My New Year’s Resolution last year was to eat healthier. I kept it most of the year, but around Halloween and Christmas I did not eat as healthy.”

Ashley Stracco, freshman:

“Last year it was to keep doing well in school, I accomplished it.”

Ray Tschudy, junior:

“My New Year’s resolution was to do my homework, I did it. I kept it because I needed to improve my grades and commit something to myself.”

Sophia Leary, freshman:

“Yes I did for last year, I wanted to travel more, but I didn’t keep it because of COVID.”

Joseph Fortier, senior:

“I did not have one last year and I do not have one this year.”

As we begin 2021, some students felt confident that they were going to keep their resolutions for this year because it will help them achieve their goals. 

Cassie Lopes, sophomore:

“I did not [make a New Year’s resolution last year] and my one for this year is to not procrastinate and I think I’ll keep it because if I stop procrastinating it will greatly reduce my stress.”

Paige Dillis, junior:

“I think it can be beneficial to reflect on everything and think of a few things to work on improving, rather than making one specific resolution.  I have a couple smaller resolutions that I want to focus on and I think organization is something that will help to keep those resolutions.” 

Maeve Higgins, freshman:

“My New Year’s Resolution this year is to workout more. I think I will keep it because I have a friend who loves to workout and she motivates me.”

Ashley Stracco, freshman:

“This year it is to keep on top of school and do well, and to improve at basketball. I think I will do well with both because they both mean a lot to me.”

Ray Tschudy, junior:

“I have a New Year’s resolution to exercise more and believe me, I’m motivated.”

Sophia Leary, freshman:

“This year I also have one, to travel more, and I think it’ll be a lot easier. We know more about COVID, and we have the vaccine coming out.”


Students Debate Pains, Gains of Homework

By Ashley Stracco, ’24

Staff Writer

It’s a question that students and teachers have been debating for years. Is homework helpful, or is it just a pain? I was expecting the students I interviewed to say that it was a pain, but to my surprise, the answers varied widely. Here’s what eight students from Hanover High had to say:

Brody Leibfarth, grade 9

“In some senses it is a pain, but in others probably not. If you understand a concept and don’t need any more help, then it is stupid. But if you don’t understand the concept, then it is helpful.”

Maddie Kapur, grade 9

“I believe that homework is helpful, but only in moderation. Too much homework can cause extreme amounts of unnecessary stress, but too little homework cannot help the student to learn enough. A moderated amount of homework helps the student enough to aid their learning experience without hurting it.”

Brianna Cole, grade 10

“I honestly have mixed opinions about this. Some subjects warrant homework more than others because you need to master the skill. In math homework you need to practice the skills and develop your knowledge so you can continue on your pathway. It is the same thing with Spanish. You have homework so that you can pass. There’s only certain things that you should have homework for. It helps with the development when and if you go to college. It is necessary in most subjects, but not all.”

Daniel Nguyen, grade 10

“There needs to be a balance. … When homework becomes “busy work” to fill in grades or when homework is taking away a student’s entire afternoon because there is a copious amount of it, no one is truly finding the joy in learning anymore and in this case, homework is absolutely pointless. One can argue that the student is still learning, however, is the student happy to learn? Chances are, no they’re not. If you’re a teacher, I assume that you want your students to enter class with the mindset of “What can we learn today?” But when that same student is assigned packets of homework that takes an entire afternoon and evening to complete, I can assure you they’re thinking of “How much homework are we going to have tonight?” the first 30 minutes that they wake up.

Ray Tschudy, grade 11

 “I have different feelings. Homework is a nuisance if you know what you are doing but it should be optional if you don’t already know what you are doing. It should not be mandatory.”

Bella Kelley, grade 11

“While nobody likes homework, it can sometimes be helpful depending on what it is. Like, if your homework is reading in a textbook, that is very important and helpful.”

Sam Wing, grade 12

“I feel like overall we should have homework but not to the extent that we have it now. I think that we get too much now. I think it helps in the sense that helps us out. It helps us on the exams.”

Nathan Vo, grade 12

“I think that it is helpful when it is not clearly busy work.”

It seems like people have mixed feelings about homework. Students may not necessarily enjoy doing it, but acknowledge that it helps them in the long run, as long as the work is not just busy work.

What is Hanover High Thankful for this Year?

Staff writers Juli Cocomazzi and Tim Sullivan asked some of their classmates to describe in a few words what they were thankful for this year. They got some pretty interesting responses! Read below.

Hope Thurston is thankful for everything! She’s getting a car really soon and is thankful that she won’t be paying for it. She has a really good relationship with her mom and her hair is really thick and healthy, she loves it.

Paige McKee is thankful for her good health and her friendships.

Alex Brennan is thankful for his friends and family, along with his house.

Peyton Curvels is thankful for her family and her good health.

Davis Dunphy is thankful for backwards, upside down visors, and that we won the Cold War.

Meghan Collett is thankful for just about everything in her life.

Jenna Healy is super thankful! She’s thankful for her friends and family, her health, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Jules Dunderdale is thankful for her supportive family and for the troops! Join her brand new Students for Soldiers club if you feel the same way; she would be extra thankful for your support!

Braden Glynn is thankful for his family and friends.

Rori Jenkins is wicked thankful for her dog and her cat.

Lauren Cockey is thankful for all the wonderful teachers at Hanover High School.

Channing Miller is thankful for the Thanksgiving break and all the food that comes with Thanksgiving!

Lexi Rynning is thankful for her friends and family, and especially her dog.

Bella Craft is thankful for her amazing mom and her dog, Fifi.

Erin Halpin is thankful for her friends and family.  

Ben Lee is thankful for his bestie, Aria Sweeney.  

Mikayla Chabot is thankful for her dog, her friends and her family.

Caleigh McCloskey is thankful for her two beautiful dogs and wonderful teachers.

Kayla Mullane is super thankful for Student Council and her friends and family.

Sophie Picard is thankful for the great responses to the tasty baking treats she sells at HHS.

Anthony Pierotti is thankful for Hilliard’s Chocolate.

Olivia Reddish is thankful for RunKeeper, the exercise app, and for her gym power walks with her besties.

Alex Stacy is thankful for “Thank U, Next.”

Emily Tuzik is thankful for her awesome volleyball team.

Dom Cerone is thankful for Mrs. Martin. “She’s my favorite teacher because she always says hi to me in the halls.”

Ellie Hardman is thankful for the opportunities she’s been given her whole life.


New Year, New Us: Students Confess Their Resolutions

The start of a new year is very underrated. The very first day of the year is a great time for one to leave the past behind, and start off with a fresh slate. The start to a new year can be very motivating, allowing some people to feel as though they are able to have another chance at success. Whether that success means something as small as drinking your recommended amount of water every day, or something as big as quitting smoking, everybody is determined to work toward their goals, starting on January 1st.

As I walked around school recently, I asked many students about their New Year’s Resolutions and what they want to achieve in the coming months.

Senior Hayley Wardwell, currently on crutches with a season-interrupting injury, confidently proclaimed, “My New Year’s resolution is to go to Drexel University stronger and a better basketball player than I was before.”

After running his fingers through his amazingly textured hair, sophomore Johnny Paulicelli said his New Year’s resolution to “be kinder to people.” I think we should all bandwagon on Johnny’s goal and be a little kinder! Go Johnny!

Senior Danny Jillett vowed to try harder in school. As seniors in the second term, we can all agree that some of us are slipping behind and losing motivation. NOT DANNY! Danny is returning to school in January of 2017 more driven and studious than ever before!

Senior Gabby Manupelli said her New Year’s Resolution is  to take her dogs on more walks. Gabby spilled about her love and passion for her dogs and talked about how they deserve to get more fresh air and live a fuller life. Very sweet, Gabby.

Senior Max Shelley is very proud of his New Year’s Resolution to learn to cook. Max mentions that he has never really been much of a “Chef Gazpacho” in the kitchen (Webkinz Reference:D) and that he would like to hone his cooking skills before he goes away to college. We hope you have success with your cooking!

Megan Dixon, another senior who happens to spend a lot of time in the library, tells about her NYR to drink more water! As one of our constantly active student athletes, Megan needs to be drinking all of the water she can get! We hope you have fun with your hydration!

Last, but certainly not least, Senior Abby Drummey says that her resolution is to “go on adventures with Dave and see the world in a new light.” Very inspiring, Abby! We hope that you and Dave have an amazing time adventuring this year!

As you can tell, many of the students here at the high school are enthusiastic about their New Year’s Resolutions and starting off the New Year right. But will they stick to them?!??! We’ll have to check back with them in a few months to find out!

What are HHS Students Thankful For?


Izzy Dares: I’m thankful I wasn’t born blind.


Tim Creamer: I’m thankful for Corey Dooley.


Abdullah Nassif: I’m thankful for my brother, Jon.


Casey Collins: I’m thankful for my Honda Pilot.


Meg Bishop: I’m thankful I switched to cheerleading from soccer and the team helped me strengthen my cheer skills.


Matt Lanagan: I’m thankful for my 7 cats.


Brett Croke: I’m thankful for my girlfriend, Rachel..


Paul McCabe: I’m thankful for Mrs. Banks.


Kylee Sweeney: I’m thankful for my friends, especially Ethan. 😉


Mrs. McHugh: I’m thankful for good books.


Jill Muirhead: I’m thankful I finally got my license.


Olivia Cyrus: I’m thankful for the men and women who fight for our country and Donald Trump is our next President.


Abby Harrison: I’m thankful for good friends, like Colin Boutin.


Ryan Glynn: I’m thankful I didn’t get my leg amputated.


Mrs. Bostwick: I’m thankful for my friends, family and my awesome job.


Connor Morris: I’m thankful for Izzy’s princess backpack.


Mikey Nassif: I’m thankful for the football team and my family.


Jack Randall: I’m thankful for Paul McCabe’s mom.


Dottie Tilden and Sara Gavin: I’m thankful for the soccer team and Mike Fraser.

Student on the Street: Summer Plans?

Even though there are still a few weeks left of school, most of our thoughts are already on what we plan to do for summer vacation. I asked some students what’s on their agenda when we’re finally free from classes.

Freshman Yasmina Berkat will take her annual trip to visit her grandparents in sunny California. “I’ll be there for a few weeks so I’ll be going to Disneyland and the beach a lot.”

Bridget O’ Connor, another freshman, plans to spend time at her uncle’s house in New Hampshire. “I’m also going to jump in my pool because it’s the best way to chill off on a 90 degree day!”

Friend Taylor Scott will be right there with her, when she’s not watching Netflix and going to the beach.

The only traveling that sophomore Cate McGillicuddy has planned is to and from her job.  “I’m probably going to work all summer, unfortunately,” she said. “Also I’ll be hanging with my friends a lot.”

Ryan Hogan, a junior, is starting a painting company with classmate Scotty O’Brien. “Prudential Painting — give us a call!” Other plans include “just straight up chillin, going to the beach with my friends and getting completely tanned — a nice, crisp golden brown.”

Finding a balance between work and fun is important, as freshman Mikaela Murphy knows. “I’m going to work, sleep, and volunteer at my mom’s school.”

Jordan O’Sullivan, a junior, will be working but otherwise has a hard time picturing being on vacation. “It’s a month away, and it’s hard to make plans right now.”





Spring Into Action: What Will You Do When the White Satan Melts?

Remember grass? Only ’90s kids remember grass. But guess what, it’s coming back. THE ’90s ARE BACK, EVERYBODY! This winter has been more brutal than that time in Vegas, and I was declared legally dead for 20 minutes at one point during that trip. But now that the calendar says spring is here, we can finally experience the outdoors without feeling sad, right? The sun will be smiling down being all cool and saying “hey, you deserve this” and I really do. Dealing with impaling icicles, massive snowbanks, and my dog forgetting that his bathroom is OUTSIDE, AND NOT ON MY FLOOR . . . I do need a break. So although the Beelzebub took one more jab at us with the snowfall on March 20, keeping spring from looking like the ones I spent in my childhood in Australia, I asked classmates what their spring plans would be — once spring as we once knew it actually returns. The answers were “da bomb.” ’90s LINGO EVERYONE, LET’S GET AFTER IT!

Freshman Jenna Palmer said she’s looking forward to skateboarding and enjoying the heat. That sounds off the heezy, but remember, always wear your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and feelings pads because words hurt as much as pavement.

Penn Giavanucci, also a freshman, said playing lacrosse and “seeing grass” is what he’s looking forward to. Aren’t we all, my man. Aren’t we all.

Junior Courtney Ceurvels also will be tearing up the lax gnar and adventuring full time  — as opposed to those part-time adventurers; those guys are the worst.

Freshman Cam Lunetta can’t wait to take rides in junior Sara White’s car and simultaneously make fun of her. That sounds like a heavier workload than my senior schedule, to be honest.

Erin Thornton, a junior, is looking forward to not having to start her car half an hour before getting into it in the morning. “Oh, and getting my boats in the water.” Just had to add that last part to make those of us stuck on land all jealous, didn’t you?!

“Chief” Keefe said she already sees crocuses coming up in her garden, a sure sign that spring is coming despite the snowbanks that are sticking around like a bad habit. And with temperatures in the 50s this week and next, we’ll all be knee-deep in crocuses, and mud, before we know it. That’ll be dope, yo!




Brawlin’ Through Time: Who Would You Fight?

I watched Fight Club recently (great movie, by the way) and Brad Pitt asks a very interesting question: “If you could fight anyone, who would it be?” After I finished staring at  Brad’s beautiful, beautiful face, I realized that this would be a great question to ask the angst-filled students of HHS. Guess what? I was right.

Junior Max Meallo stated that he’d fight infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.  “In a World Star video,” he added. “I’d be shirtless and super ripped.” I like everything about this fight, literally everything.

Coleman Lambert, a sophomore would also take on Hitler. “But he was pretty built so I’d definitely stomp out Doctor Mengele.” Great choice, Coleman, Mengele was the definition of a mad scientist and a deadly surgeon with his knife. But I have full confidence that Coleman’s a surgeon on the wrestling mat, and will probably kill him.

Senior Steven Griffin said he’d melee with Fredrick Douglass, the  the abolitionist revolutionary. When I asked Griff why, he said, “Just because, for reasons opposite of racism.”  I guess this is not racist, even though it totally sounds like it is.

Man of peace Jake Casper, a senior, said he’d go head-to-head with Kanye West. “I’d take him out with a dropkick to the face,” he said. “I like his music, but he’s a horrible person.” That was the first time Jake sounded violent and I felt so proud of him.

Junior Noah Gattereau spat out that he would fight “all three members of Migos for dissing my boy Chief Keef, bang bang O block.” It took me three months to process this statement and I still sometimes forget that what Noah said was classified as English.

Sophomore Alex Campbell wants to fight Eve, of the Biblical power couple Adam and Eve. Well, Alex, God wouldn’t be so pissed at us if you body slammed that blonde rule-breaker into the holy earth, so go for it.

Abby  Kirby would take on magician Harry Houdini and Meaghan McGlame would fight Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini. I think they chose them because they rhyme.

Ah, I love improbable questions like these. They provide such great answers. If I had the opportunity to fight anyone, it would be Vlad the Impaler. If I beat him I get to keep his nickname and that would be metal: Eric the Impaler. Ahh . .  . how peaceful.

Promposals: The Quest to Make a Question into an Event

Easily the biggest question besides “will you marry me?” is “will you go to prom with me?” These problems right now, MATTER SO MUCH. If that girl or boy says no to prom, IT WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

But seriously, it is a rather stressful event in our minds. The process of asking used to be rather simple and awkward. Now it’s complicated and awkward;  just wonderful. It’s more of a competition of who can be more creative and funny, which is fine by me. I like seeing people outside of their comfort zones holding their hearts in their hands waiting for that yes or no. It’s a brave act, or at least the promposal is.

We’ve already seen a couple of promposals at HHS with Foley being Foley and doing Foley stuff in order to ask Erin to the event, and Nick Kelsey getting all his bros and bras to help him ask out Chach. Abby Lyons asked Ryan Glynn by spelling out “prom” in chicken nuggets (the question mark was in ketchup). Glynn cried for hours in happiness, as he is known to do. Sarah Powers spraypainted a snowbank to ask Nick Ricciarelli.  Vandalism is great when it’s for a good cause, Sarah. All time sweetie pie Dan McDougall asked Kylie Chetwynde on multiple boxes of peppermint patties, her favorite candy. Dan was so happy that she said yes that he went home yet again to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and eat copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s. I wonder what the certain surge of elaborate promposals stems from. It’s probably due to phones, cameras and social media blah blah — everyone wants to see how nuts people get.

Promposals such as this one, found on, have some school administrators begging "STOP!"
Promposals such as this one have some school administrators begging “STOP!” From

Unfortunately, “the man”  is cracking down on these displays of kindness and good-natured fun in some schools, promposals being disruptive and blah blah. It seems everything can be turned into a disruption or something unethical, even this. Not only would I have some choice words for the gents saying to stop promposals (I’d also have something special for his kneecaps), I have some words supporting this relatively new tradition. It’s a fun and harmless way to express a desire for an event that can be very awkward otherwise. Since promposals can be so ridiculous, it can be pretty hard for a girl to say no to such nerve and creativity (girls like that, I think, I don’t know, they’re weird). Promposals are not disruptive, they’re fun. Nowadays we need fun. We don’t exactly live in a fun world so when someone tries to criminalize an act like this, I get heated.

Luckily for us, our principal — no, our lord — Mr. Paquette is a true renaissance man and allows us  to proceed in our prom shenanigans. However Mr Paquette told me that he “does not like the prospect of someone being rejected, publicly.” He has a very valid point. While most people are confident they’ll get a yes,  it is a big gamble that could end in heartbreak, and no one wants that.

I think I have a pretty good idea of how I’m asking whatever unlucky lady I choose to take. But if you’re stuck and not as awkwardly charming or as shameless as me, check Pinterest or even Google; there are plenty of ideas there to use.




Snow Job: Will The Snow Extend the School Year?

Snow is awesome. No, really, I love it so much. You know what, I don’t love? Pounds of it. The persistent powder has really piled up this winter season and, after six snow days and endless hours of digging out my car, frankly I’m literally so done.  I feel like an old person for the first time in my life because when snow falls now,  instead of being happy and full of joy, I grumble and say profane things under my breath (Just kidding, I’m usually shouting). Too much of a good thing will always ruin it. Imagine eating a delicious piece of cake. Now imagine having that cake again, and again, and again repeatedly shoved down your throat. That’s what this winter is like.

snow window
The view from Mrs. Curley’s first floor classroom at HHS.

Snow, you’re a good guy; we used to hang out a lot. But you moved away for a while and you’re just not that fun to hang out with anymore. Plus, there’s the fact that you might extend the school year for everyone (seniors included) if we have any more of your stormy days off. Look snow, I know you thought everyone liked you, but I asked people how they would react if you extend the school year — some towns are staying in school until June 30, cancelling vacation days and planning weekend classes. Nobody at HHS was happy about those possibilities (although, thankfully, we’re still about four snow days away from having to worry about them).

“(expletive) no,” said senior Anna Haskins. “I would certainly not go to Saturday school. Sorry that the snow came down but it’s not my fault.”

That’s a big L that you have to hold to your chest, snow.

When I asked senior puck sucker Alex O’Dowd about whether, if it comes to it, he’d rather give up part of April break or more days of summer vacation, he said, “I would say do that . . . but don’t do that.” I’m sorry ladies, this poet is taken.

Junior Michele Leary suggested that the school day be extended by 5 minutes per day to make up lost time. She mentioned it was done in her brother’s school in Virginia, and it worked. Sophomore Alexia Lucia offered the idea of three half day Sundays, which is actually not a terrible idea.

It seemed unanimous that everyone does not want to deal with you, snow, but I feel sophomore Ryan Doolin summed it up best when I asked him how he would feel about an extended school day. Ryan’s response? “Bad.” I had to take a step back from his brilliance and just take in how deep this man is.

So snow, get off my damn lawn.