New Year, New Us: Students Confess Their Resolutions

The start of a new year is very underrated. The very first day of the year is a great time for one to leave the past behind, and start off with a fresh slate. The start to a new year can be very motivating, allowing some people to feel as though they are able to have another chance at success. Whether that success means something as small as drinking your recommended amount of water every day, or something as big as quitting smoking, everybody is determined to work toward their goals, starting on January 1st.

As I walked around school recently, I asked many students about their New Year’s Resolutions and what they want to achieve in the coming months.

Senior Hayley Wardwell, currently on crutches with a season-interrupting injury, confidently proclaimed, “My New Year’s resolution is to go to Drexel University stronger and a better basketball player than I was before.”

After running his fingers through his amazingly textured hair, sophomore Johnny Paulicelli said his New Year’s resolution to “be kinder to people.” I think we should all bandwagon on Johnny’s goal and be a little kinder! Go Johnny!

Senior Danny Jillett vowed to try harder in school. As seniors in the second term, we can all agree that some of us are slipping behind and losing motivation. NOT DANNY! Danny is returning to school in January of 2017 more driven and studious than ever before!

Senior Gabby Manupelli said her New Year’s Resolution is  to take her dogs on more walks. Gabby spilled about her love and passion for her dogs and talked about how they deserve to get more fresh air and live a fuller life. Very sweet, Gabby.

Senior Max Shelley is very proud of his New Year’s Resolution to learn to cook. Max mentions that he has never really been much of a “Chef Gazpacho” in the kitchen (Webkinz Reference:D) and that he would like to hone his cooking skills before he goes away to college. We hope you have success with your cooking!

Megan Dixon, another senior who happens to spend a lot of time in the library, tells about her NYR to drink more water! As one of our constantly active student athletes, Megan needs to be drinking all of the water she can get! We hope you have fun with your hydration!

Last, but certainly not least, Senior Abby Drummey says that her resolution is to “go on adventures with Dave and see the world in a new light.” Very inspiring, Abby! We hope that you and Dave have an amazing time adventuring this year!

As you can tell, many of the students here at the high school are enthusiastic about their New Year’s Resolutions and starting off the New Year right. But will they stick to them?!??! We’ll have to check back with them in a few months to find out!

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