RIP Vine: Gone, But Not Forgotten

After almost four years of bringing nothing but pure joy and laughter to the world, the Vine app was shut down on Jan. 17. Though the videos created with the app were each just 6 seconds long, their impact will stay with me much longer.

Released on January 24, 2013, the Vine app was transcendent, something the world of social media had never seen before. At first, the app wasn’t very popular; people weren’t quite sure what it was capable of or what purpose it served. But, soon enough, it gained its footing and became the next big thing in social media.

Like all social media sites, Vine gained a select group of users who were the best of the best. These viners became stars. Elite members received sponsorships, acting opportunities, T.V. appearances and even a start to successful music careers. Vine became another social media app where people could make money.  Beside serving as a platform for stardom, vine was also the home to many of the iconic memes of our generation. Terms that have made their way into our everyday language like “eyebrows on fleek” or “bye Felicia” were created through the Vine app. Vine was a space that allowed all types of users to explore their comedic values. It’s brought many people happiness.

But true to fashion, all good things must come to an end. 

Before its release, Vine was bought by Twitter in October 2012 for $30 million. Vine remained successful for a period of time, but started to fall short once other apps began to adopt some of its features. Remember when Instagram didn’t have video? Many users stopped using Vine once other apps started to offer more advanced video features. Its inability to bring in large amounts of money is one of the reasons for its demise. Another point that has been brought up is that Twitter wants to be seen as an news platform. It wants to keep its users informed on what is going on in today’s world. Sadly, Vine didn’t fit into that image.

So as of Jan.17, the Vine app will be turned into the Vine camera. Users will still be able to create 6-second videos, but they will upload straight to Twitter. So yeah, I guess the Vine app wasn’t really  deleted, but the heart and spirit of it was.

To me, Vine will always hold a special place in my heart. It has brought more bliss to my life than any other form of social media. It has impacted me in a way that I will never forget. To some this may sound dramatic, but Vine was so much more than just an app. It was revolutionary; it was one of the best things of this generation, and a huge part of many lives across the globe. I feel sorry for those who have never experienced the wonder of Vine , and for those who will never get the chance. I am truly lucky to have experienced all that Vine had to offer. It will be missed by me and many others worldwide. RIP Vine. Thank you.

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