Spring Into Action: What Will You Do When the White Satan Melts?

Remember grass? Only ’90s kids remember grass. But guess what, it’s coming back. THE ’90s ARE BACK, EVERYBODY! This winter has been more brutal than that time in Vegas, and I was declared legally dead for 20 minutes at one point during that trip. But now that the calendar says spring is here, we can finally experience the outdoors without feeling sad, right? The sun will be smiling down being all cool and saying “hey, you deserve this” and I really do. Dealing with impaling icicles, massive snowbanks, and my dog forgetting that his bathroom is OUTSIDE, AND NOT ON MY FLOOR . . . I do need a break. So although the Beelzebub took one more jab at us with the snowfall on March 20, keeping spring from looking like the ones I spent in my childhood in Australia, I asked classmates what their spring plans would be — once spring as we once knew it actually returns. The answers were “da bomb.” ’90s LINGO EVERYONE, LET’S GET AFTER IT!

Freshman Jenna Palmer said she’s looking forward to skateboarding and enjoying the heat. That sounds off the heezy, but remember, always wear your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and feelings pads because words hurt as much as pavement.

Penn Giavanucci, also a freshman, said playing lacrosse and “seeing grass” is what he’s looking forward to. Aren’t we all, my man. Aren’t we all.

Junior Courtney Ceurvels also will be tearing up the lax gnar and adventuring full time  — as opposed to those part-time adventurers; those guys are the worst.

Freshman Cam Lunetta can’t wait to take rides in junior Sara White’s car and simultaneously make fun of her. That sounds like a heavier workload than my senior schedule, to be honest.

Erin Thornton, a junior, is looking forward to not having to start her car half an hour before getting into it in the morning. “Oh, and getting my boats in the water.” Just had to add that last part to make those of us stuck on land all jealous, didn’t you?!

“Chief” Keefe said she already sees crocuses coming up in her garden, a sure sign that spring is coming despite the snowbanks that are sticking around like a bad habit. And with temperatures in the 50s this week and next, we’ll all be knee-deep in crocuses, and mud, before we know it. That’ll be dope, yo!




4 thoughts on “Spring Into Action: What Will You Do When the White Satan Melts?”

  1. Its finally spring and it looks like next week it will be beautiful. After a harsh winter in the Northeast, the sunshine definitley is a positive sign for the rest of spring. I enjoy the warm weather.


  2. At least most of the snow is gone, and looks like the sun is finally going to permantley start coming out within the next couple weeks!


  3. I have faith in a nice month of May, as April showers will probably continue into warm weather. Glad the snow is almost all gone!


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