Students’ Artwork Pays Homage to Famed Exhibit, Noted Artists

After learning about a famed installation sculpture, Mrs. Curley’s Ceramics and Sculpture II class decided to create their own version. Their work, on display in the Multipurpose Room Friday, was inspired by “The Dinner Party” created by Judy Chicago from 1974-1979. The original installation is a ceremonial banquet representing 1,038 women in history. On tables are 39 place settings, each dedicated to a notable woman from ancient to modern times. The floor and banners on the walls honor additional women. The installation has been part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum in New York since 2007.

In our students’ version, each of the 22 place settings represented a different artist they chose to study, from Raphael and Degas to Dali and Warhol. Students worked on their creations for more than a month, focusing on translating the artist’s style into their plate, cup and utensils.

According to Mrs. Curley,  the place setting project has been done with some of her past classes, but this is the first time she did the banquet on such a grand scale.

“I have a great group this year and I knew they were capable,” she said.

Great job to all of the students. The artwork was incredible! (so was the chocolate bark)

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3 thoughts on “Students’ Artwork Pays Homage to Famed Exhibit, Noted Artists”

  1. I had the opportunity to see this exhibit as well and the work was all very impressive. Keep up the good work!


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