Student on the Street: Summer Plans?

Even though there are still a few weeks left of school, most of our thoughts are already on what we plan to do for summer vacation. I asked some students what’s on their agenda when we’re finally free from classes.

Freshman Yasmina Berkat will take her annual trip to visit her grandparents in sunny California. “I’ll be there for a few weeks so I’ll be going to Disneyland and the beach a lot.”

Bridget O’ Connor, another freshman, plans to spend time at her uncle’s house in New Hampshire. “I’m also going to jump in my pool because it’s the best way to chill off on a 90 degree day!”

Friend Taylor Scott will be right there with her, when she’s not watching Netflix and going to the beach.

The only traveling that sophomore Cate McGillicuddy has planned is to and from her job.  “I’m probably going to work all summer, unfortunately,” she said. “Also I’ll be hanging with my friends a lot.”

Ryan Hogan, a junior, is starting a painting company with classmate Scotty O’Brien. “Prudential Painting — give us a call!” Other plans include “just straight up chillin, going to the beach with my friends and getting completely tanned — a nice, crisp golden brown.”

Finding a balance between work and fun is important, as freshman Mikaela Murphy knows. “I’m going to work, sleep, and volunteer at my mom’s school.”

Jordan O’Sullivan, a junior, will be working but otherwise has a hard time picturing being on vacation. “It’s a month away, and it’s hard to make plans right now.”





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