Things I Wish I’d Known Before High School

Well, it’s that time that I honestly did not see coming, it was pretty much like a slap in the back of the head. I won’t go long with my introduction other than to thank you for tolerating my strange writing style and it’s been a delight writing for this newspaper. Lastly, this article isn’t just my advice, I asked some of my dear friends what they wish they would’ve known and I’ve included their advice in my article. Here ya go, fair winds HHS Indian.

Things we wish we would’ve known before entering high school:

1. High School Musical is a LIE

2. Don’t take high school too seriously

3. Take Risks. Join clubs, audition for plays, try out for a sports team, etc

4. Don’t be friends with people only in your grade

5. Be cautious of some of the cafeteria food

6. One grade is just that: one grade

7. Don’t become romantically desperate

8. Be friendly with your teachers, or at least learn how to get along with them

9. If you don’t understand something, immediately ask for help, don’t just sit there in utter confusion

10. Do your best to stay focused but it’s OK to take a break every once in while

11. Don’t overwork yourself

12. Love yourself. Seriously. And a good way to improve self love is to love the people around you.

13. Your friends will change a lot, and so will your friend groups

14. Time management makes a difference

15. You will argue with your parents, but don’t make them your ultimate enemy

16. It’s okay to spend time alone

17. Follow what you like, rather than what is cool

18. Don’t slack off your junior year

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