Hanover High’s 2015 Blood Drive

Hanover High hosted its very first blood drive this week, organized by one of its many new clubs, Red Cross. Early as 8 amTuesday morning, nurses, facilitators, and volunteers crowded the multi-purpose room along with donors themselves, eager to donate, yet somewhat scared for the needle’s “deadly” prick. As a donor myself, and a  lover of blood during every anatomy class, I was still nervous for my first time giving blood. Students aged 16 required a parent’s permission to donate; students 17 and older were able to donate with just a photo ID.

blood2When it was my turn to donate, I answered a frenzy of questions, asking if I’d traveled to various countries, recently had tattoos, or run into any highly diseased people recently. From there, I was laying on the makeshift bed and had mustard yellow iodine smeared on my elbow, and boom . . . the needle was in my vein and blood pooled into a bag. Although many may have had anxiety about donating, usually about the potential pain that may come with it, a universal happiness shared by all donors is the fact that the blood we give can save the lives of three people. As weird as it sounds, I find it to be a beautiful thing that my blood will circulate in someone else, a little piece of me keeping them alive.

President and Vice-President of the Red Cross club, Annika Rowland and Sarah Kelly, were pleased with the results of the school’s first blood drive.

“The blood drive went much better than I thought it would go,” said Annika, a junior. “We had so many people interested in donating, which was amazing to see how much the school supported us. It was life changing to see so much positive energy happening in the little room.

With about three dozen donors, the five-hour drive collected enough blood to save about 114 lives, added Sarah, also a junior. “It made me so happy to see so many people willing to give.”

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