Club Spotlight: Math Team

One of the many clubs at Hanover High is the Math Team. Math Team is back after years of inactivity due to budget cuts. In fact, this year Math Team participation is at a record high with about 10 students on a consistent basis.  They meet every Tuesday night from 6pm-8pm in Doc’s Room (Physics Lab 219). Dr. Defranzo (Doc) is the math team coach (and Physics teacher) and Mr. Plummer (the STEM Director) frequently helps out at practices as well. Math Team participates in meets on the first Thursday of the month. At these meets, Hanover competes against the 7 other schools in our division. So far, Hanover has participated in meets at Rockland High School and Bridgewater Raynham Regional High School. In these meets, HHS came in 6th at Rockland and leapfrogged to 2nd at Bridgewater Raynham.

Competitive math is not the only part of Math Team. In fact, each school can only send 10 people to compete at the meets. The rest of the club simply participates because they either want to get better at math or simply hang out with friends. Many members immediately notice how Math Team compliments their math classes. In other cases, members notice the applications of math that, due to lack of time, cannot always be taught in math class. As an added incentive, Doc orders pizza and soda for anyone who comes to the practices.

If you want to join, just come to one of the Tuesday Night meetings or talk to Doc who is always available in Room 219.


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