The StuCo Scoop: January

By: Andrea Bilton and Jillian Drummy

As 2014 rolls in, Student Council as a whole wraps up and preserves the remainder of it’s Christmas spirit for next year- secret santa, giving tree, gift giving and all, and then whips out  the long awaited plans for a whole new year. Possible new dances coming up, conferences approaching, more volunteer work, and new fundraiser ideas are only a few of the topics brewing within the whole group.

MORE AUCTION EXCITEMENT: As the sophomore class usually does, an auction is being held this spring: it has finally been announced that on Saturday, April 12, there will be a silent auction and raffle display in the center of the Hanover Mall, prizes and items yet to be decided. There will also be an accompanying online auction leading up to the 12th, beginning on April 5.

WHO WILL BE AT M.A.S.C: One of student council’s biggest events approaches- a three day conference in the Spring called M.A.S.C, standing for the Massachusetts Association of Student Council. Student council representatives from all over Massachusetts meet in a Cape Cod location and participate in fun games, workshops, dances and events all while building up leadership skills. Guest speakers and the possibility of new friends are only a few reasons to join the bandwagon- if you’re one of the lucky ones who signed up, enjoy your time, and be sure to support HHS’s own Lauren Murray as she runs for President of the M.A.S.C Executive Board!!

DANCE FEVER: There has been talk this month about possibly holding a 60’s/70’s dance later in the year, where students dressed in garb from those decades and let loose to the music from that time. Surveys were sent around to homerooms to gauge student reactions and anticipation levels in regards to this new idea- the result has not been announced yet as to whether the dance will be held, or if a different dance will be held in its place, but what do you think? Would you get funky at a ’60’s dance or should we keep our events in this century?

LOCK-IN FOR THE WIN: Another cool student council conference coming up is the biennial lock-in, held this time at Middleboro High School. From 7 p.m one Friday to 7 a.m the following Saturday, students will be engaged in fun games and activities that will surely drive away the desire to sleep. It is an opportunity that student council members would NOT want to miss out on- especially if you aren’t quite up to the three day M.A.S.C commitment, but would still like to join in on some conference fun!

Stay tuned for more updates!

***As always, contact with inquiries or ideas

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