Learning Your Teacher: Mrs. Hansen Preps Students for Future Careers

Mrs. Hansen
Mrs. Hansen

Mrs. Hansen, the Microsoft Office and internship teacher on the first floor, has been teaching since the early 1970s. She started out as a business education teacher in a high school outside of Albany, New York. Her favorite subjects while in high school were English, because she loves reading, and business management.

Mrs. Hansen grew up in Syracuse, New York. When she attended the State University of New York at Albany, she started as a business administration major with a minor in accounting and business law. For a marketing course, she had to present and sell  products. She discovered that she loved to present in front of the class, leading her roommate to suggest that she take an education course. Once she did, Mrs. Hansen fell in love with it. Now Mrs.Hansen teaches the internship program, which allows students to create resumes, practice job interviewing techniques and have real-life experience in a career.

Mrs. Hansen’s favorite type of music is classical and it’s the only type of music she listens to while in school because she says “it helps you relax and keep you focused.” But once school is over, she likes to listen to ’50s and’6’s Rock and Roll. Her favorite food is pizza with fresh vegetables on top. Mrs. Hansen’s favorite season is summer because she loves the hot weather, long days and likes to travel. Also during the summer, she likes to read books, go out for runs and visit her daughters in Boston.

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